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  1. Can anyone pls help? Sorry, am a bit dim but phone on last legs, it seems. I can explore my device through active sync but want to know which file has all my numbers in. Don't care about losing any other data on the phone but I added about 50 numbers in recently and I desperately need them before the phone gives up the ghost.
  2. Hi, if you have an HD, how good is the camera especially the video quality? My m3100 (hermes) has died and I am due an upgrade and the video was really pants on the M3100. Thanks
  3. Arg, posted this once and it's vanished! I went to a nearby mechanic's workshop and they lent me a mini screwdriver. Did as Penguin suggested and OMG, it worked!!!! Thank you. Am using Jeyo to back up everything as instructed. (hence other msg)
  4. Now, more help if at all possible you lovely people. I need to find all my contacts and copy them before it all goes white again.....how do I do this? If I use this Jeyo software, will I be able to import that data onto a new phone 'cos I have truly had enough of this one??! Thanks
  5. Um, I can't find my contacts anywhere in my activesync folders or in outlook. Which sort of implies that I have never checked to see whether it was actually doing its job in collecting and syncing them. I just assumed it was doing as I asked. Have decided I can prob live without any files, docs, notes etc but not my contacts! Am trying to find someone with a small screwdriver now. I have ordered some Torx screws on Ebay which should be here in a day or two as if necessary (as it is out of warranty), I was thinking I would take it to bits and see if a ribbon cable is loose or something. Orange had agreed to replace it on my insurance - wonder if they still will if the void sticker has gone???
  6. Can't get past the PIN code sadly for activesync I didn't do anything. Had this problem bfore and replaced the handset but this time it seems terminal. Have soft reset loads, but if I do a hard reset won't that lose all my data anyway? (Sorry, female, am a bit dim!)
  7. Hi My SPV M3100 has got a totally white screen and I can't do anything with it (unless I take it to bits which I am not happy about doing). Orange have said they will send a replacement but I need to get my data off the HD as not everything was saved to the Micro SD card. Does anyone know of anyone who could rescue the data on the hard drive and approx what it would cost and how long it would take? Thanks
  8. Blew hard drive up, and got it recovered. But now go to plug in M3100 and no active sync. It is presumably on the E drive Icy Box somewhere, can someone tell me where?! And how to get it working again? Thx
  9. OK, you've hooked me already! I'm moving more and more towards moving from Orange. But am confused. Treat me gently, been with Orange since I got my first ever mobile back in 95/96 so never had to do this stuff before.... How do I get an upgraded phone eg a PDA level phone, if I move to T Mobile - who do I talk to? (Got so used to talking to retentions!) Where is the Tytn II on T-Mobile's site? What is the best newbie offer on T Mobile, or anyone else, that would allow me my current consumption plus my desired data usage (ie much more than now) plus insurance etc? What does anyone recommend to a Mac and Asus EEE user for decent tethering - handset and tariff? Where we live there are so few hotspots and I am frequently out of range of even ADSL connectivity.... Many thanks for your advice.
  10. Am with Orange, and have had a reasonable plan with 600mins +400 mins loyalty, unlimited texts, £5 cashback, plus 30Mb data for £35/month. (Except last month the bill was £112 due to calling overseas too much!) But in August I lose my £5 + 400 minutes loyalty offers from my last upgrade 16months ago, and Orange are saying they will give me 1200 mins, 500 texts, any time 250Mb surfing for £40/month. First question is: Does that sound like a decent deal? Is anyone offering a better deal which would make leaving Orange after 10 years worthwhile? (I use about 800 - 1000 mins a month, plus anywhere from 600 texts or more, and use 10-30Mb data cos the costs spiral out of control too fast otherwise!) Second question is about handset upgrade. I've got an SPV M3100 which I quite like though the video camera is pants. Orange are saying look at the Tytn II, TP6500, S310 etc. I'm sort of tempted to keep the SPV and pray like hell it holds out another 18months and flog the upgrade on Ebay for some much-needed cash. Otherwise, the M3100 should make about £100 on Ebay if someone can tell me about a phone I will want more than that! You lot are obviously experts at this. Looking at other posts there are better, newer HTC models due out shortly. Can anyone advise me what to look at for a smartphone replacement or to resell? (NOT the jesus phone, as until it gets a video cam it is of no use to me!) Many thanks
  11. Can anyone tell me how to back up my sms messages on an SPV M3100? Also, what else could I put on the PC or Mac to clear the phone, which is now grinding along? Cheers
  12. I need to know this too, amongst 101 other things I can't get this phone to do! Can anyone help?? thx
  13. Please can anyone explain to a novice if there is anyway to change the sms ringtone on the M3100? Also, when I go on youtube it says either javascript is disabled or old version of Flash. Have tried upgrading and got nowhere. Is this an Orange ploy to keep us off Youtube or is there a solution? Thx
  14. Couple of questions Firstly though, I got my SPVM3100 free from Orange with an Orange World max package for £35 a month- unlimited text, data and 900 mins of calls each month plus some international bundle or other. Plus free insurance, free bluetooth headset, car charger etc. Told them I was going to T-Mobile otherwise with a Vario. Only thing I ain't got out of them yet is a 1Gb storage card but I'm working on that! Coupla issues: 1) I can't find any sort of screenguard. Unless you wait until the phone has gone into lock mode the thing turns on, and quite often connects itself to WAP, just putting it in the case. The Vario has a cute device lock, have I missed summat? 2) Does anyone know how I can connect my FlexiFX100 keypad to this propietary connector on the bottom? Anyone sell anything for it? 3) Am about to purchase Tengo Thumbpad as the ability to text is seriously limited, anyone tried it on a M3100? The normal Tengo keypad only works in certain apps I've noticed. 4) Anyone else having problems with it making calls when you are trying to edit contacts etc? Have made a lot of unwanted calls so far, driving people in my contacts list spare! 5) Getting headaches with this mobile that I have never had before. Does it ahve substantially higher radiation output or summat? Not sending it back though, no way! If Ipaq had put a GSM module in years ago, they'd have won this market I reckon, instead of losing their IPaq customers, like me! Cheers
  15. Thanks but....! I'm now on a PC with Outlook running and have managed to get all the contacts from my Nokia 6230 into Outlook. (Yippee!) I installed ActiveSync 4.2 and tried to sync the contacts from the PC onto the M3100. Some have got phone numbers and details but the majority just have names and no numbers at all. ARG! Additionally, many are now duplicated. How do I clear all the contacts off the M3100 and start again? And this time get all the numbers too from Outlook! Help! Thanks for your time.
  16. I've not got Outlook and have a similar problem. Coupla questions for a newbie pls! All contacts on old phone were on phone not SIM. Can't see them at all thru Nokia PC Suite to then copy them across to SPV. Any ideas? Tried copying across to SIM but can only get 200 on. Put that SIM into M3100 and tried to copy them, but instead of copying multiple numbers to a single contact, it has created a new contact for each one. Do I have to change each one manually back to a single 'card' for each person? Also, sometimes the names are surname, first name and others first name surname. How do I change that? Many thanks!
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