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  1. I would like to clean the screen and keypad, they seem to be jammed. Any idea about opening them? ~vk
  2. Guys, Be carefull, all these discussion are totally illegal on Modaco. Monolithix had already put up a pinned message for this. Please read that. ~vkhanorkar
  3. http://www.modaco.com/SkinProject-OS-X-t251143.html ???
  4. Yeah! Along with Skin Project X homescreen, the phone is real killer. That guy has got the look! ~vkhanorkar
  5. Thanks!!! B) :rolleyes: :P :D :D :rolleyes: Works like a charm! Am glad that I tried it, all went nice and smooth. Am very happy with the interface... nice and clean. Sweet! ~vkhanorkar
  6. Hi All, I have been using Motorola H500 with the T Mobile DASH for about a month, but with no success. The quality is absolutely bad, anyone who hears me can make out that I am using the headset. All this time I felt that the issue could be with my ISP provider. However off lately I tried out the same headset with another phone Nokia 6600 (same sim) and to my surprise nobody could make out that I was using the headset for calling. So the question is, why can't I have the same quality with HTC S620 as with Nokia 6600 while using the bluetooth headset? Can anyone recommend any bluetooth headset for HTC S620 otherwise? TIA. ~Vkhanorkar
  7. Hi Rowdy_In, I am also from India, however I have a different kind of problem. I am not able to get GPRS working on my T Mobile Dash, Can you please let me know any doc that can aid me in? Yup I am using CellOne and the GPRS is activated.
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