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  1. Thanks very much to both of you. Very helpful.
  2. Anybody successfully connected an MDA Vario to a BT Home Hub? I've never got it working. I had it working with the Orange Livebox I used to have. I can find the BT hub in the SSID list, but if I put in the WEP key it just goes from "Connecting" to "Available". If anybody can help me on this I'd be over the moon as this has been driving me crazy! Thanks very much for your time.
  3. Hey, so I have an MDA Vario and I haven't updated it in a very long time. T-Mobile used to have the updates, but now they seem to be asking for a 10 digit t-mobile phone number, but I'm with Virgin. Is there any other place I can acquire an update? I'm asking because my wireless doesn't work with my home hub and I'm hoping an update would help. Thanks very much.
  4. Ok, so I finally got a smartphone/PDA. I got an MDA Vario, unlocked, from eBay. Everything seems to be working fine, except the WiFi. I have an Orange Livebox, which is what I'd like to connect to. After lots of fiddling, it says that it's connected, but when I open Internet Explorer, I try to load a site and it sats "The page cannot be found. Check the name and try again". So, is it really connected? Also, I didn't receive the installation CD's from the seller. Is there a program I can download which can fix this, as I'd like to be able to connect the device to my laptop. Thanks very much. I can provide more information if necessary.
  5. Will this Palm treo 750 Smartphone work with my wireless router, or will I have to pay a monthly fee for their wireless service?
  6. Thanks, any other suggestions? Are there any sites that have a list of all smartphones or phone PDAs? Edit - This is kind of the design I'm looking for, but it's price is crazy...
  7. I had a look around for it and this site says it's discontinued.
  8. I wouldn't really want to go more than £200-£250.
  9. Hey, I'm looing for a PDA or a smartphone, but I'm not particularly sure about which one to get. I need one with wifi to connect to my livebox, I don't care about wifi on the move. Also, I'd prefer Windows Mobile. The thing that I need most of all is it to have phone capabilities, and text messaging - plus I need to be able to put my Virgin PAYG sim card in. If you could provide some models for me to look at, it would be much appreciated. Thanks very much.
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