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  1. is there a simple way to acces the root folder or file system? if someone could figure this out we might be able to add some very simple tweaks like custom ringtones and additional colors for the tiles (they all look like lego rather than business phone)
  2. i feel sorry for you! the liquid is just very slippery, they should add a surface like the hero has, much better. besides that, can you confirm that the display is glass? or is it just shattered plastic? (you can hold a lighter next to it to find out. if it burns its plastic *LOL*)
  3. i need to know how the hardreset works on this model. i tried nearly any combinaion of pressing different keys while powering on the device, nothing happens. i followed all guidees found here on modaco, same result. i f anyone can tell the REAL method to hard reset for the Qtek 8020 it will be highly appreciated!!!
  4. well, thats why we are talking about the palm treo here.... :) if you have the same issue post your question in the matching forums. to be honest i dont know how it works on your device, sorry.
  5. no puk required, remove simcard and try the master clear and/or master reset under "start -> system tools / systemwerkzeuge". if both doesnt help call back and well figure out to go further.
  6. you might want to go back to your admin settings and set the country and operator settings to your needs. hope this helps.
  7. AutoKeylock doesnt work, getting "keyboard hook" error. any ideas of another usefull application?
  8. go to "settings -> connections -> comm manager" and switch off/on phone there. sorry, dont know an easier way for this. i gonna try to create a direkt link to the comm manager and let you know if that works.
  9. as far as i remember it worked fine on my vox. now it works kinf of ok on my q9 but from time to time having trouble with the video driver. sometimes no picture only sound. not sure yet whats the solution. ill try that later on. edit: in my opinion its not a matter of WM5 or WM6, its a device specific issue. if it works now on your device it should work also after upgrading to WM6.
  10. i installed WM6 successfully today :P so i can confirm that! (man, i nearly peed my pants during that :) ) 1. you do NOT need to upgrade to GD1 before upgrading to WM6. i had also i600XXGC4 before. now it is i600XXGG2 2. you MUST use the admin settings procedure to change the country settings. the regular regional settings do NOT effect the ability to update your device. so if you use the dutch updater exe set your country to Netherlands. that is discribed here: do the rest of the update like xippon discribed earlier. 3. after the update to WM6 you might want to go to admin settings again in order to set it back to your region.
  11. what is that suppoosed to mean? there is no option to disable. you can only choose between "active sync" or "mass storage device"
  12. its the updater which is called i600UXXUpdater. so besides your explanation on the date and version there still is a difference within the U and the X which i would guess will make even a slight difference in the rom itself. and for that matter its displaying the "wrong software version, check your device"-message. i also guess it might be not only the keyboard mapping, but maybe also some other annoying little things in there which are different. so thats why they are trying to avoid to let the customers run the wrong updater. that easy.
  13. the only reason is that both countries were selling the i600 with the same software versions i600UXXGxx. so for that matter it will not be the same file for all countries, and, which is mutch more important, for that matter you should not flash your device with the wrong ROM version. e.g. you have a i600XXG like i have do not try to flash it with i600UXG unless you want to end up with a nice paperweight :) its not a question of just setting up their websites with the apropriate language, its a matter of building up the correct version of updater for your device.
  14. what other languages are there to select from? any german?
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