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  1. hi i have also successfully updated my sda ii to this rom, however i do not know how to change the language to english. its still in russian, i appriciate that you lot are probably not russian, but how how did you know how to change the language? ive installed the cab for english predictive text :( cheers
  2. hi i have a tmobile sim card and a virgin simcard. i first got it off ebay with no tmobile simcard so i application unlocked it with success. then i tried to simunlock it and it dident work i then tried to set the cid to 11111111.............nothing happened. i got a tmobile sim and locked the phone on the spvdevelopers tool..........and that dident work. i am really annoyed with this phone due to its incapabilities and i would love to fix it so i can sell it. if anybody could help that would be great? maybe i could hard reset the phone to restore the settings(i dont know how to do this) cheers
  3. cheers for that. so wm6 would unlock it too? and do you know the best guide which includes which rom to use on the xda website? cheers again
  4. hi i am deciding which universal to buy and it is quite hard as there are so many versions. are they all able to upgrade to WM6? and would this debrand them? cheers
  5. hi rame wich sda did youupgrade with was it a UK version or what? cheers
  6. hi i am using the spv services and ive tried to sim unlock my phone. it says its unlocked at the top but my phone is still in flight mode which is annoying. do i need to do something in the CID area of the program? cheers
  7. thats strange i have the same phone as you but i can recieve and send files (uk version) i dont think its the branding you may need to upgrade the firmware rom thing from t mobiles site if u havent. cheers
  8. yeah i know what you mean i onesly dont know how to do this either so any help would be apriecated hey cpongt.............. i suddenly got these anoying keypad noises aswell.............did you get them? anyway cheers
  9. hi i was just wondering this as i have just purchased my sda from ebay UK. i have already searched for this. i was wondering if unlocking the phone would accomplish this-------if so how would i do this. cheers
  10. hi i was wondering where to get housing for any of these tornado variants? by the way i live in the uk. cheers
  11. hi i was wondering if there was a bluetooth file browser/explorer for- java or smartphone application? thankyou
  12. hi i am new to this forum so these questions may seem stupid:) 1. does the sda ii have mp3 ringtones?- if not is there a program which can enable it? 2. whats the best way to unlock a sda ii? 3. if i unlock the phone- will i be able to run any application work on it (smartphone application that is) thankyou .
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