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  1. Clock, calendar and video resume (only samsung video tested) all working normally for me. Gr5, first modaco sg2 rom, full wipe. The only issue I can confirm is the extended power menu is absent, percentage mod working normally. I chose the mod with sip over 3g option.
  2. My adam arrived at last! Came through yesterday to the UK. Will pick it up tonight...
  3. Looks like the first two batches of pre-order ADAMs head out from China today via DHL. It's implied that the customers who received notification of shipping dates of both the 9th and the 15th-22nd January are all going out together. Early Feb deliveries have been brought forward to next week according to the latest mischievously titled blog post: http://notionink.wordpress.com/2011/01/18/delayed/ Hoping my wifi/3g lcd variant will be in my grubby paws soon...
  4. Hi all, Just wondering if it is possible to get openvpn working on the blade. I gave it a shot using tun.ko from xda. My config is working, connecting to server, but fails loading TUN/TAP. insmod tun.ko in /system/lib/modules/ gives: invalid module format With my limited knowledge of this stuff, I assume this would require a custom kernel. Could anyone confirm, or suggest another way? Regards, Scoob
  5. I left the GPS and bluetooth on the following day after updating to JU. Next morning I was surprised to see the battery still at 75%. After a busy day at work I checked the battery, expecting it to be long gone. 50% remaining and the GPS was still on. I haven't checked it this morning yet, I imaging it will be pancaked, but that is still double the time I was getting before, 2 full days when it would barely last 24 hours with the previous radio! I'm using Modaco 2.9 as well. I am sure that this is not a placebo effect. The signal strength seems no different - usually good for me.
  6. Yes, I did see this a lot in just a few days. Once spontaneously, once when the battery ran out it happened when I turned the phone on after recharging, and then again when I dropped the bloody thing in the sea. Drove my mates mad, they're glad I finally silenced it! I would still like to see how the software develops when (if I'm ever allowed again) I get another android phone. I think its a great concept and just needs some tweaking. At least I can now buy a snapdragon without guilt... Just stupidity to deal with :)
  7. Cheers for your comments, both of you. Very helpful. I'm thinking of just opening it up and flushing it with contact spray. This sounds ludicrous given how long it was submerged, but I actually think that a lot of the phone never got wet. There's no moisture around the screen, and the battery compartment didn't even seem damp. I think with the tight flexishield the only water that really got in was through the usb port and the front buttons and trackball. Fingers crossed, I know its fairly futile but I have to at least try and save my Hero. If anyone can still recommend a non-HTC service centre I'd be grateful. HTCs website says they wont even look at it.
  8. Has anyone ever had to have an out of warranty repair on their Hero? Yesterday my Orange Hero took a swim after I took an impromptu paddle in the sea to retrieve an excitable child who was just going for it. Safely back on shore I realised that the phone was no longeri in my pocket and I found it rolling in the surf. I quickly stripped it down (it had a flexishield cover - recommended!) whipped the battery out and memory card and wrapped it in some tissue back at the car. Having been underwater for almost five minutes I didn't expect much and so I turned it on later that evening after drying in the sun for several hours and then some hair drying. If it hadn't been salt water I would have waited longer but I'd really written it off already. Surprisingly the phone turned on. The headphones were being detected so no sound, and the trackball light was permanently lit. The touch screen worked and was responsive, only the volume buttons seemed stuck and the menu key did nothing. I turned it off and decided to see what an overnight dry out would do. Today the trackball light has gone off but the button press feels dead and the ball doesn't work too well (but works). Sadly the touch screen has stopped working, but the buttons all work as they should including the menu key, and the sound and volume keys are working again. The battery charges on charger and usb, but the phone is not detected by usb pc connection and no indicator shows up in the status bar when connected. So all in, I'm simultaneously stunned that the Hero could survive such an experience as well as it has and gutted that it will surely never be the same again. It is only just over one month into a 24 month contract. Does anyone know if there is anyway orange will do anything for me, or HTC? The sticker has turned pink under the battery to indicate water damage. Otherwise,can anyone recommend a good out of warranty HTC repair centre based on these symptoms? Thanks in advance if anyone can suggest something useful.
  9. Just spotted this too. I was holding out for it with my new orange hero, but ran out of patience and installed MCR2.2. So glad I did, I am really surprised at the difference as I'd expected it to be exaggerated. The version number is slightly different though. Anyone more savvy than me know if there are any real differences other than a bit of orange branding?? ROM Upgrade for HTC Hero (Orange)_2.73.61.5 Respect to Paul for all his fine work. I'll be sticking with his zips now that I've got my head round 'em!
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