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  1. Yeah, we're waiting for it! ;) Tak nekoukej na pocasi a pis :D
  2. phshatiy

    SMS Notification Problems

    Well, the only way is to get short ringtone. Let's say you use 3minute MP3 - then the music will be played for 3 minutes when message comes.
  3. Here is the link http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/sd/d..._formatter.html (not sure if the link is in English). The problem with formatting, I was speaking about - my 128MB card is very old. Guess soon it'll reach the "even horizon" LOL. But if even Windows refuses to format it, then the only you can do is to format with the proprietary tool. For people who use only Windows on PC and PDA, this may be no problem. But for me, I am using PALM OS, WM Qtek 8500 and also digital camera. So I need to be sure with compatibility. My Kodak digi cam is way too old. It's way to touchy. If I format it via the Windows formatting tool, it wont be recognized by the camera anymore. If I format in my WM Qtek, PALM OS or camera itself, it works fine. By the way, no offence dude :)
  4. 1) FAT32 WORKS on Qtek 8500!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do have and I do use 1GB microSD card, 512 mSD and 128mSD card. All are formated in FAT32! 2) SDHC and SD has nothing to do with FAT32 or FAT (there is no relationship between them in the way, you're talking about it). The reason why 4GB SD cards work bad on many devices is the FAT limitation. FAT16 has limitation of 2 GiB max volume size. FAT32 has a 4GiB limitation max volume size. 4GB SD isn't a standard! Read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_Allocation_Table that's the reason why many 2GB and more SD cards work so bad, and that's the reason why there are SDHC cards (FAT32 has max volume size 8 TiB). Try to format any 4GB non SDHC card with FAT16 and then try it in any device - you'll get probably an access error 3) I have no idea, why people always use the standard Windows formatting... Panasonic made SD as a standard. THey offer a tool SD Memory Card Formatting Software (free), with great explanation why you should not format via the standard OS method. I'm using Windows XP. About 6 years ago, I bought a 128MB SD card. Last year, my camera wouldn't recognize it. It said "please insert memory card". So I tried to format via my card reader in Windows. But they didn't recognize it either. Then my friend recommend me this tool. And hell yeah, it saved my SD card. It has also option to format the flash area and many others.
  5. phshatiy

    Cant get headset working

    I do have the same problem, but with the original headset!!!! I posted my problem in here http://www.modaco.com/Qtek-8500-Low-Microphone-t256095.html I can hear the other person speaking, but (s)he doesn't hear me. I found this problem earlier today, while I was in tram. It really pis*ed us both off, because it was international call. All I have to do is to accept the call, and quickly unplug the headset. But I must accept it by opening the phone, not pressing the headsed button. If I press the button and unplug the button, the call ends. So I figured out, I have to open the phone-accept the call, and then remove the headset. Then it works. I have original Qtek ROM. Can I ask which one do you have? Something tells me, that this isn't a registry error... I think it must be some hardware error, or something really HTC HarDCoded.... And yes - the same problem even after master reset!
  6. phshatiy

    Qtek 8500 - Low Microphone

    Most people with this problem have cingular ROM. I actualy don't have it, so not sure what's the problem. Guess some registry settings or so. But I do have similar problem, but with headset (the original one) - when somebody calls me and I pick up the phone via my headset, nobody can hear me (no matter if I speak to the headset microphone or normal microphone). I can just hear them. Qtek 8500 is, unfortunately, too crappy. I have it for few months, but I am sick and tired of it. I think i'm gonna sell it and buy some normal phone...
  7. phshatiy

    Leave email on Server

    It's everything gmail issue: 1) I use several emails, one of them is gmail. If I download via POP3, it leaves the mail on the server, but you can't download it again. For example, I download in subway to my cellphone, but later when I come home, I can't download to my Thunderbird anymore. Even if I set the email as UNREAD. This is known gmail issue 2) notifying of your own replies - another gmail issue. If I use their web interface for writing email and send it, after I come back home and use my thunderbird, it downloads the email send by me, although I set up DO NOT SYNC SENT FOLDER.
  8. phshatiy

    Help with simple test please

    It doesn't work without battery. I tried charger and USB, but no difference. Sorry for bad news.. However the battery isn't that expensive. You can get it at expansys or some at ebay. I got one for about 25Euro
  9. phshatiy

    New Cingular 3125 rom upgrade?

    Check the file name. On xda developers I've read that they put the download to another location. The filename should contain a string with the ROM info. So if you want to flash to 4.1.502.5, filename should contain 4.1.502.5 too.
  10. phshatiy

    Unable to sync Qtek 8500

    You didn't mention, if you tried to delete the AS partnership in the phone. So go to Activesync>press right button OPTIONS>1 SETTINGS and delete the partnership. Then try to re-create it
  11. phshatiy

    microUSB > JACK 3.5 adapter?

    It wasn't written before. There was just "11-pin".. So I thought it will work, but after they posted EXTUSB, I just gave up. Brando says, they wont release any adapter
  12. phshatiy

    Regedit doesn't run on dutch F00

    You need to unlock your phone (application unlock). You can find in this forums, how to unlock WM5 device.
  13. Yeah, I know, I had this problem also. At first I thought it's because low memory. It was pretty weird, as I tried to install it from storage ard to storage card with 1.3GB free... So I uninstalled few apps and tried to install SP2 again. No change, although I was 2mb above the required. So I did hard reset and it worked fine. So I restored the backup of my RAM and was trying to figure out, why it doesn't want to install. And then I found out, it's because some program was using the net and it was running in the background. So I killed every non-system process and installed NET again. Worked fine. Kill every non-system process and install. After then just reboot and everything will work fine.
  14. phshatiy

    microUSB > JACK 3.5 adapter?

    Finaly, it's here ^^ Well it should be in a matter of weeks, but anyway ^__^ It's a HTC P3350 W100 . You can get it at expansys http://www.expansys.com/htc/p_htc_item.aspx?i=145858
  15. Ah I got it now. Well the memory isn't low in fact, it installs to SD card. And in the worst case, you need about 2MB free on your device. However, when there is app which is using the NET framework while you're installing new version, the instalation says like not enough memory. You have to run tasks manager and close all non-system processes. The best is CeleTask (for me), which shows all non system processes. System processes are hiden, or grey. So close them all and run instalation again. It will work, I had this problem when installing NET SP3

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