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  1. Can you please stop requesting the same features all of the time. I am sure that Trip knows what features he is going to implement on his releases and you continually asking for the same thing isn't going to make it happen any quicker.
  2. Hi Trip, I have installed version 11 and note the following: - Volume can now be changed during a call - Fantastic! - Echo during phone call is gone - CPU scales properly (as in v10) - You cannot select a ringtone from within system settings. This isn't a problem for me as vibrate works and I use only this (I have a pet hate for phone ringtones) - Everything else that worked in v10 seems to still work - I haven't had any force closes - I have restored all of my apps (app only, no data) using Titanium and everything is still working fine Thanks for all of the great work in bringing this rom to us.
  3. Now that you have a nandroid backup you can always restore that working system so no need to worry.
  4. I do not have any FCs with bricked kernel on this ROM, everything is working fine for me.
  5. I agree wholeheartedly with these sentiments. Now can we please try and keep this thread on topic and stop all of the trolling.
  6. Install Apex launcher from the Market - it looks the same as Trebuchet and has more options.
  7. Staying on topic - have you managed to make much progress with the kernel source Trip?
  8. Would show's bricked-kernel play nicely with this ROM or have you made changes to your kernel that would need adding first to work with cyanogen?
  9. Trip - do you have any plans on releasing a new build today with aforementioned fixes for incall mic and non mobile data preference? Thanks for all the work - shrub
  10. My phone is definitely deep sleeping so a full wipe may do the trick for you.
  11. Just had my other half of the phone and she conformed that there is definitely an echo present at her end that wasn't there with the stock (or other sense based) rom.
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