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  1. My Vario II seems to switch itself off at times, also it doesnt seem to try and aquire a signal at all so am unable to make calls. I have tried both soft and hard resets but no joy. Does someone know of a way to overcome this? or do I just contact T-mobile and ask for a replacement? Thanks in advance
  2. Ok, it seems that the files are mp3, does that mean they wont work? and is there an easy way to convert without exporting to pc and back again?
  3. Hmmmm, that doesnt seem to work, I tried that and they dont show up in the drop down box - if I move them to to the Rings folder they become available as ringtones. Damn stupid phone :D
  4. Hi all, Can anyone tell me where I place the files that I want to use as txt alerts so they appear in the drop down box? I can get them in place for ringtones, but not the txt alerts. To be honest its now bugging the hell out of me. Thanks in advance
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