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  1. Anyone know apart from the kernel not having the code whats stopping HD video being implemented?
  2. ohh nice one, forgot about the missing video editor
  3. Urghh my sensation has been back multiple times for various issues like power button. melting etc.. when this happens to me. remove the back cover. take out the battery. rub where the so called "nipple" touched the cover with some wire wool. give the " nipple" a few presses in and out (this sounds wrong) and replace the cover... fixed it for me.. that metal nipple is the ground of the screen so it needs to make contact to the cover. then as the cover is metal you ground it. thats my understanding from reading posts on xda...
  4. Can I just point out that its very rare people at the bottom within the networks like t-mobile & orange can ever give you info regrading updates thats reliable, within the companys info like that doesn't get posted in the intranets or even by word of mouth. I started on this forum while working for orange as the first SPV came out and moved onto a high level at T-mobile helping with the launch of the G1 up untill 2008 and can 100% say a rom update can be coming out OTA or posting on the website the next day and no one will know! e.g a windows mobile 6.1 update got posted for the Vario 3 on the T-Mobile website and we didnt find out untill someone bricked their phone..and then it got removed without info.. If you phones serial number works on HTC's site then you in luck when it does come out but if not then a custom recovery image and the excellent dev;s like Paul is ur best bet!!
  5. Anarchist2204


    how did you get on with this?
  6. what kind of benefits does it give to wm users? My gf gets all my wm hand me downs so she still has the touch diamond 2, been thinking about going plus
  7. the main issue is RIM keep all the driver and hardware information private so writing drivers would be really complex and long winded, might be best to cut your loses and sell it!
  8. The network proxy is blocking ports, the web and walk is only a internet bundle for billing, extra things called fup1-4 are now being provisioned on all accounts these are linked to the proxy and are just a simple database of what ports to allow and block!! ps: mobile tv has nothing to do with it, it is policy enforcement
  9. if its movistar your with then they dont use 2 bands they opperate on 1900mhz at the moment and are in the process of bidding for a 900mhz license to use with the umts bearer, this is against vodaphone, have you asked your network to look at your local bts sites, as pcm failures or newly errected buildings with heavy sheilding can be a factor.
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