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  1. Just posted 2 pics above showing the screen on full zoom. I'm still looking around the settings, but nothing seems to change that view - thanks for suggestion.
  2. Here's what I get in Opera - these are both on full zoom using the zoom bar - I get the same if I use the double tap. Wondering if I should try downloading Opera again? On the photo's - Should individual photos rotate? or just the album folders? I've just found out that my folder view rotates but not individual photos. Thanks again for taking time with this :)
  3. Hi What happens in opera is a time lag on rotate, so it will turn but takes about 30 secs or so, and sometimes needs a shake to persuade it to flip <_< I have found those text setting - but they make no difference, its still an unreadable size even on largest (and I have got others to check, so its not my eye's - lol). I've also remembered to click on the tick to save the settings...... The text size in PIE is fine, and readable on default settings by the way. By *photo viewer* I meant the HTC Album - sorry about that :D - nothing rotates in that. Just to confirm, I get to it by opening the camera then clicking album? I am possibly doing something wrong as I find the diamond 2 more complicated that other WM I've had! I'll tootle over and check out the other forum.... Thanks for your help with this - and sorry if it turns out its me being numb! :) Liz
  4. Thanks Neil. My problem is I have NO rotation *at all* in anything except Opera where the screen is so small (with full zoom on) that its unreadable. If use IE then I can read the screen but not rotate it. Pictures on the phone viewer dont rotate either. I'll check out the other browser & changescreen, but I'm thinking there is a fault on this phone and am just worried that a couple of months up the line more faults might show up. Thanks for your help. Liz
  5. Thanks for both the links for rotate programs, I'll check them out. Problem is the phone *should* do this anyway (well simple rotate) and I *should* be able to read web pages without a magnifying glass *as is* (out of the box) without having to download new applications. Its less than a week old so if there is something wrong with it (rather than me not having the right settings!) then I want to get it back to the suppliers. I'll poke around some more today and if I turn up nothing I'll send it back tomorrow. Thanks for help.
  6. Thanks for moving the thread for me James, never knew the Diamond2 was known as *Topaz* - Der.... <_< I've found if I use IE to access the net the pages are readable but not rotatable...If I use Opera the pages rotate but any text is like pin heads, much to small to read. Anyone any help on this? Really struggling with it :) B)
  7. Hi Just wondering if I'm missing something - or my phone is... I dont seem to have auto rotate, nothing happens when I tilt the phone, no matter what app or program I'm using. I found the setting to turn it on (but cant remember where now!) but still no tilt/rotate. Also web pages are so small they are unreadable even on the highest zoom. Any help? Or have I got a duff diamond2...? Thanks Liz
  8. Thanks for the replies. The phone doesn't go to G2 automatically, it just loses its connection when the signal is poor. If We try changing the network manually it loses its Internet connection.... I'll get onto Orange and see what they say... Thanks again Liz
  9. Hi all The reception on the i780 is worse than chronic in the house, it drops calls, muffles them so you sound like your heads in the wardrobe, and misses in coming calls altogether by just jumping right to answer-phone. My own HTC Touch (on 02) has fantastic coverage showing - and getting - maximum signal strength anywhere in the house. I did check Orange coverage for our area before buying and it was shown as *excellent*. Humph ! I've been told that turning off G3 will improve the i780's reception. Could anyone tell me how to do that? Thanks Liz
  10. Hi I'm glad this came up as we're in the same position. I just got the Touch last month and its great, I love it. Now my husbands contract is up and he's been looking at the Touch Dual. When I rang o2 to cancel his contract they pointed out the faults and suggested their own Xda Stella, which I *think* is the Kaiser in a different dress. So my question is two fold 1) is the problem that bad? (he wont be using video, but needs the phone to be quick in day to day operation) and 2) Is the Stella the same as the Kaiser? if so, will it have the same faults? Any help/advice appreciated :) Thanks Liz
  11. Thanks! Funny thing is, I found out by accident that if I connect the touch *before* I turn on the computer - it connects, and continues to connect each time. If I turn the computer on first - it wont connect at all. Crazy. Esp as there was no problem previously....
  12. Hi I've had no problem with syncing since I got the touch in December. But today - out of the blue - I connected the touch, and its not connecting. No error message, just showing in mobile device centre as *not connected*. Tried everything from rebooting both PC and touch, to changing the USB. There is some connection as the phone is charging. :) Its the Ted Baker Needle one if that helps. Any ideas? Thanks Liz
  13. What? :D The black bag thing that stops you getting the phone out quick enough to answer it so you have to call people back and use your minutes talking to them about something you didnt want to talk about any way - THAT black bag thing? Is that the one? You can have mine if you want - its grubby tho, from where I kept throwing it on the floor and jumping on it after missing calls........ :( I have a cheep crystal cover (well, clear plastic) and a stick on screen saver and now hardly ever miss calls :D PM me with your addy (if your determined to use up your call plan on returning calls) and I'll mail it to you :D
  14. Hi Is there a way to put a custom Alarm sound on the Touch? The preloaded ones dont even get through the first layer of my ears! Thanks :(
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