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  1. I get the sound throught the back speakers as well which is a little annoying, thus I am trying to get the WM6 builting VoIP client to work. If anyone has managed to get this working with FWD I would appreciate any help.
  2. Hi am running Orange SPV M5000 and had to manually update the clock, haven't upgraded the rom.
  3. thx nato. looks like i will have to use soyale's set tones again!
  4. Hi all, One other thing i forget to ask those who have updated their phones. I have noticed that in the pre-update phone, you cannot store ringtones on the SD Card, I wonder if the update allows this now. Cause in the Original SPV (which I used to own before the E200 and am still a proud owner of one!) The second update allowed ringtones to be Stored on the root of the 'Storage Card' folder, which would then show up in the ringtones list in the sound settings. Could any one please check and update. Thx
  5. Woah, have been on this same thread 2nd day in a row now and have finally completed 25 pages. The following is my opinion on the update. Although the battery life on the E200 pre-update is appauling I think I will stick with it and wait and see how the next update is going to trun out. (Dont mind charging it every night! ) Cause the only advantage that I have deduced from this thread is the extension of battery life to almost double (i am guessing here, from 24 hrs to 48 hrs.) but at a price of having the SD card to swtich off and even hang the phone at times and also I read it somewhere (i think on this page 25 or a couple before this) that the processor speed might have been tweaked to lower it so as to extend the battery life thus causing the egg timer to appear more and also have mp3 and videos to skip and jerk. Other than the battery life. The BT reamains the same, I don't really have an issue with the speaker as most of the time I use my headphones.
  6. cool, tested it on my org. SPV ROM 1.6 works
  7. I think the .NET CF support sounds promising, as I've heard as well that it is alot easier to produce software as compared to evc.
  8. Yeah, I am in B'ham UNI, doing MSc in CS.
  9. Just came across this site on a 'bluetooth' newsgroup thought I'd share it with you guys http://pdaportal.us/ the website is optimised for PDA's and the Smartphone Got links to over 200 sites cheers mhm
  10. i think these file were ported by mistake when the M$ guys were porting the Win CE to the SP OS there are many other files relating to the hand help device, like welcom images for the handheld in the windows folder i even found images relating to the stylus that are used for toush screen devices only.....
  11. :cry: No character count in sms messages though
  12. Holy S**T Makes a hell lot of difference. My network bars shot up from one to 4 Speeds increased as well The windows media players play better movies as well!!!! I happy, made my day!!!!! :)
  13. Hi i was messing around with the task manager andnoticed somehting different. Nothing to serious, just unusual while thr battery status displays the correct remaining power in the status bar, and the obj memory and storage memory display the remaining memory correctly in the status bar. The Physical memory probably give the correct value of remaining free storage but the status bar display the opposite compared to the rest, shows a higher value if the memory is less than half, and a lower memory space value shows a higher indication on the status bar. That is unless i have an older version and this has been already noted. If then sorry for this post. By the way great Job jacoh, Keep up the good work
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