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  1. Just spoke to T-Mobile and the lady said that it is still coming out but not til July. She also said she didn't know why others were telling people it had been cancelled. Still, I wouldn't take that as official.
  2. Just got a call from T-Mobile today as well saying that the Vario V has been removed from their system for unknown reasons and that they do not think it will be going back on :D
  3. sicone

    HSDPA speeds

    The first guy I spoke to was going to get me to connect my phone to my pc and use internet connection sharing to do something, but I was at work and couldn't. A different guy called me back later and said that sometimes the HSDPA goes screwy and they have to manually disable it and reenable it for it to work properly (which is what he did whilst I was on the phone). I'd say keep trying until you get through to someone who knows what they are doing - try to get put through to their technical department rather that speaking to the normal call centre staff.
  4. sicone

    HSDPA speeds

    I had the same problem with my HSDPA connection on my kaiser (though was only getting 60-120kps connection in HSDPA areas, even when across the road from a t-mobile mast). I phoned T-mobile and the guy I spoke to said he disabled the HSPDA from my account and re-enabled it. My connection shot up to 1010kps after a quick reset. I'm on the £7.50 version of WnW, so the WnW Plus is not necessary for HSDPA.
  5. Although it's not the end of the world, I sometimes want to back up pictures when I've just taken but don't want them to be public, so I need to log on via my mobile to make them private.
  6. one not so good change is that you can't access the dashboard (my.dashwire.com) from PIE anymore as it no longer supports IE6 :D
  7. How's that for timing, a couple of hours after my last post my status has finally gone to active! (Just editting an accidental double post rather that post yet again)
  8. my status has been inactive since the day I installed it and haven't had a reply from support for just over a month now ;)
  9. Seems good timing by myself as I only joined 10 days ago even though I've had a MDA Compact for about 15 months now!
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