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    i-mate sp5 , motorola v3i
  1. HI i jst want to ask that i have i-mate SP5 and when i upgrade to wm6 and i want to go back to the imates default firmware can i do that and how , is it by hard reset plzz reply ASAP thanx in advance
  2. hi i hv imate sp5 wenever i install the homescreens its writen Installation was unsuccessful. The program or setting cannot be installed because it doesnot have sufficient system permissions. plzzzz help
  3. hi gt a imate sp5 n i bought 1gb mini sd card n when i mov smthin or install smthin on card it freezes so everytime i hv 2 restart n i hv tried 2 diferent cards but still it freezes so i cant instal anythin plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help ASAP Thanx ;)
  4. i cant open the file it says C:\Documents and Settings\Hunk Chand\My Documents\STEAM.zip: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged plzzzzzzz help i hv imate SP5 will it work on it
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