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  1. Hi, I had nothing wrong with the phone, I just wanted to go back stock after having a play. The phone is still perfect, the only thing that really annoys me is the lack of uk english system language. Other thsn that it's a good little phone.
  2. Did the trick Vache, thanks.
  3. Cheers Vache, will give it a try later, much appreciated.
  4. I know this has been asked before, but i need to return my acer liquid glow back to stock. Currently i have glowing liquid 1.5.2 on it and CWM recovery. On another thread it says to download a stock rom which i have done, however, it won't flash in CWM, which i kinda expected to happen. I am assuming that the stock recovery need to be flashed via fastboot first in order to flash the stock zip. Maybe i'm still wrong, but i cannot seem to find a stock recovery image. Could one of you kind gentle persons please give me a clue on what to do to get it back to stock. Thanks.
  5. I would also like to know how to restore the clock to the original position, as regards the rom, i run this on my work phone which gets only a little use, and the battery lasts 4 days at a time. awesome, and rock solid stable too.
  6. Hi, have installed this rom and its great, i do however have a request, is there any chance of including UK english as a system language?
  7. Have a look here, this is the solution you've been looking for. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1674202
  8. I had the same situation yesterday with my one S, I bought one second hand and although it had been unlocked, it had branded T-Mobile software on it. There doesn't appear to be any way to debrand currently, so for now i have rooted it, installed cwm recovery and installed paul's ROM off here. It is worth upgrading the radio to the latest too, as the one I had on mine was awful, very random data connection. I recommend going down this route to debrand for the time being. I was very dissapointed with this phone to start with but now I am very happy with it.
  9. Gapps was flashed, didn't show up, and in the play store, indicated that it was incompatible with the device
  10. Out of interest, has the market issue been fixed also? I had an issue whereby I couldn't find YouTube in the market indicating possibly a localisation issue, or device id issue or similar. Will be flashing this tomorrow anyway. Well done Trip..
  11. It has to be done from the pc using the fastboot.exe application. Boot into fastboot on your device, then plug in USB cable, on pc, open folder containing fastboot.exe in a dos box, and type that command in.
  12. Sorry, I've since moved back to sense on 1.29.401.7, but at the time I was using 1.28 Europe, with stock radio and boot.img from here. S-on and obviously unlocked bootloader.
  13. An RUU will only work once a stock recovery and boot image is in place and you have relocked the bootloader, do a search on XDA for "fastbootpack", download it and open the folder. It gives you the ability to restore your boot and recovery to stock via fastboot, then you can download and run an RUU. RUU's are also available to download from XDA in the development section. Be sure to restore the boot and image of the correct version (1.26, 1.28) for the RUU you flash and of course get the correct RUU for your branding. Edit: forgot to mention, you can relock the bootloader using the command "fastboot oem lock" via fastboot.
  14. Those having camera issue, I had the same until after first reboot, worked fine thereafter..
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