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  1. Sure, Tab can load the Flash games on Facebook but it's not powerful enough to play and control games. I only tried CityVille - not only it's 10 times slower than it should be but also there are issues to move the land etc.
  2. or you may try this: http://droidgamers.com/index.php/game-news...for-now-instead
  3. I used Streak as my primary device when developing last few versions of OpenWatch so it works. :)
  4. Tap and hold on the selected Bluetooth device and one of the options should allow you to disable selected Bluetooth profiles. At least with Headset profile it works.
  5. dec from Streak_309_0_00.pkg: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AWKWP7IW
  6. I tried that. Only contacts from Outlook can be synchronized using the Nero/Dell suite. There are no options for calendar/tasks/notes. BTW: You may take a look here: http://www.syncdroid.net/ - list of Outlook sync tools for Android. CompanionLink may be suitable replacement (but not free).
  7. Most often "connection refused" error is because of invalid link keys (on one of these devices).
  8. I didn't use SPP UUID (0x1101) but different - HFP and others. Have you tried checking the sdp records directly from Streak (using sdptool)?
  9. Sometimes the SDP search may fail. Make sure the device are paired (or unpair them and wait for pairing dialog). You should also try it more times. If it doesn't work, you can always connect directly to selected RFCOMM channel (http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=5427).
  10. This website bug is crazy as hell. B) modaco.com (frontpage) - "too many server redirects"" xda-developers.com (frontpage) - "too many server redirects" msn.com - not working idnes.cz - not working lupa.cz / root.cz etc - no css, no images
  11. Bluetooth apps I coded work well on Streak with Android 2.1 (both master/slave connections). I'm planning to test it on 2.2. If someone has buggy BT drivers it's Samsung.
  12. Updated instructions for latest Android 2.2 shipped ROMs. See the link in first post.
  13. http://mobileupdate.dell.com/PackageProduc...09_11548_00.pkg
  14. It happen to me few times. I plug in the charger in the evening and unplug in the morning. Most of the times I have 50-70% battery left the next evening but sometimes there's extreme battery drain, draining 10% a hour. CPU is not 100% and there are no wakelocks. Every time this huge drain occurs, I can open Spare Parts -> Battery info and "Battery health" shows "Unknown error". If I remember correctly, "Power plug" shows "USB" instead of "Unplugged". I'm on the "official" 2.1 (build 8105), original Dell battery. Restart fixes it. Does anyone have similar issue?
  15. First the silver circle, then L so now I'm with just DEL (Streak Red BTW).
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