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  1. heres what i did with mine. downgrade the bootloader to .99 (sir mar technique). install the activesync- though you dont need it for the process, xp will just use the RADI.dll in opening the ROM upgrades. After opening Qtek, or orange or whatever ROM you have, go ahead and upgrade. Dont forget, you need an XP system, the sync cable with power, and start at canary mode.
  2. any improvements, differences noted on qtek7070 from the latest smart rom?
  3. thanks so much. i have another question, on your experience and personal opinion, what you think is the best if not better ROM than Smart, around? ive heard qtek, orange, and more but am uncertain what to really get. ragards.
  4. its been a long time, since apri this year, since i last "worked" on my phone. i used a win98 pc, but soon found out it should have been win 2K, or xp. somehow ive downgraded the rom from 1.0X to 0.98. i still dont have an xp system but im just wondring, if the spvunlock 2.0 will work for me, with or without an xp. the other issue is that, if we kill wsscom(?), the sync function, does it mean we can unlock the SAP even if there is no ActiveSync installed? thank you so much and regards
  5. i failed downgrading my SAP, now its on canary mode when i turn it on. will this new technique work? thanks
  6. im still stuck with an SPV that only shows the bootloader screen. though i managed to downgrade from 1.09 to ver0.9(?), i still need some help putting up the everything. i was working with a Win 95, and i heard i need an Xp to be succesfull with the process. since i dont have an XP yet, is it possible to just get a copy of your IPSM through the net, save it into the SD card, and load it to the SPVe100. is it possible? id appreciate an email to [email protected] thaks a lot
  7. Spine: Please tell me exactly how you imported your SPV. Im living in Illinois, USA and wanted to own an e200. Thanks
  8. thanks ihoncen, Where are you in illinois? Are you using SPV e100- cuz thats what Im trying to unlock. PLease help me with my ordeal. Thanks a lot again.
  9. Ive been reading about the success of SPV in the US, and am glad to hear about it. I brought my SPV from the Phils with roaming services from Smart-im network locked by the way. Im in the process of downgrading my phone. Im just wondring, what ROM you guys are using in the US? Orange 1.6,Qtek 1.5, iMate 1.5, or what?Im around the Chicago area. Thanks
  10. im new in the US, im actually in Elgin, Illinois. i brought my smartphone from the Philippines coz the phone is hot and i wanna keep it. first, please help me unlock it. second, please help me set it to t-mobile, or att. and third please tell me the best network for the phone in my are. thanks.
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