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    Can't enter recovery mode

    Hi, I tried changing from "2e recovery" to "3e recovery" that doesn't check signature. Unfortunately, I was not aware that the program was written for Samsung phones. The result of that "stupid" act was that when I Power Reset with Volume down I get into "Factory Mode" which allows me to test the phone, clear its flash and reboot into operating system - no recovery option !!! I tried to "adb reboot recovery" the phone reboots and hangs with the green HTC on its screen. I tried to copy files into root but its write protected. It seems I am stuck in present Android version (2.1) as without recovery I can't upgrade - which was the reason for the unfortunate "3e recovery" installation in the first place. Any idea? Advice? - Maybe a possibility to upgrade WITHOUT going into recovery mode (I guess not...)? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi I am looking for a possibility to get some VIP calls and SMS while my WM5 smartphone (no touch screen) is in Meeting and/or Silent profile, so that I can get urgent phones from family or work while in a meeting or asleep. The definition of VIP can be simply some contact category, say, all those defined as Personal contacts. I tried to look at some third party's application but couldn't find one that is not too complicated or doesn't do the job although, to me, it looks like a "must have" application. Any ideas of such an existing solution or application? George

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