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  1. So, aside from the hacked version of Google Wallet that we can't easily top-up, has anyone managed to get any NFC payment systems working on their Nexus 4 in the UK? There seems to be a few around but it's all a bit.... confusing to say the least. Anybody got anything?
  2. ... Damnit I feel cheated haha. Ah well, can't complain. Its just the best series! Reading it through again for the first time in years.
  3. Definely should be pinned. Paul you are just the best! Much as I love XDA for the sheer amount of content, I find that if I actually want to get something done, Paul got me covered!
  4. I'm using a Sony MW600 for Bluetooth audio and have a cheap NFC sticker on my speakers that auto enables Bluetooth and opens the music app. I'm loving it :D
  5. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: Trilogy of Five is covered almost perfectly by the credit :D
  6. My girlfriends has this issue, and I'm prepared to put money on it being a software issue, possibly in the drivers? With hers, simply putting it to sleep and waking it fixes it. Now for the life of me I cannot think of any possible hardware fault that magically fixes by sleeping and immediately waking the device.
  7. I've still heard nothing at all! I feel like I'm in a minority now here :(
  8. I have a theory that they dont have enough 16GB stock for the UK. Lots of 8GB orders went out today but no 16GB have. If that's the case then it begs the question why bother pre-ordering? Not too happy.
  9. It's weird how hundreds of accounts like this over at XDA just make me more anxious, and yet one comment by the founder of Modaco and I feel better already. Weird... O.o Hopefully they'll arrive before the weekend, I start back at work in an office of Apple fans next week and I'd love a few days to play with it before I hit the s**tstorm of comments at work :P
  10. I ordered 16GB on the 28th from Google Play, I'm in the UK and have heard nothing so far. CC has been charged but no email or anything. I wouldn't be so bothered except I ordered 2, one of which was a gift for a Birthday that was last week, so it's not ideal having to say "it will arrive..... but nobody knows when O.o"
  11. Launcher 7 is the best I've ever come across for tiles. Really stable, incredibly usable.
  12. Actually that would be epic, GingerBreak seems to have many reports of unreliability O.o
  13. Any chance you could update this and post the fixed version?
  14. Amen to that :) Seriously though I think this phone NEEDS to get some open-ness to it. It's a sweet device but needs to keep it's head above the sea of dual-core superphones somehow. Obviously it has the advantage of... y'know.... being affordable to normal people, but I think opening it up a bit would really let it shine :unsure:
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