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  1. crazybyte

    Dev 3.0+ Kernel + CM 10.1/JB 4.2

    I think that 4.0 it's enough for us. 4.2 requieres a lot of ram and we already having problems with 4.0. This is my two cents.
  2. I don't understand you very well. So you are saying that you have lost space in the microsd? That's makes not sense. Our script only joins the 150 mb /data partition with the /emmc partition.
  3. crazybyte

    Well check this out developers

    Where is included lg_diag_testmode.h? Do you know the functionality of this functions? Maybe we could remove related files.
  4. Yes, but i think that maybe lg bloatware will not work. By the way i don't understand who would like LG stock rom.
  5. This patch needs some underhood changes. Porting to stock it's almost impossible.
  6. Please be more specific! What do you mean?
  7. Congrats! I have been pleasure to work with you!
  8. crazybyte

    Check boxes

    Thanks man, i will check it!
  9. crazybyte

    Q&A regarding gellmar's notes on E400 development

    Gellmar PM me with the rom! You still need my patch for updatescript?
  10. crazybyte

    Well check this out developers

    I don't understand LG. They are upgrading Gingerbread branch despite of supporting us or upgrading to ICS at least...
  11. crazybyte

    Check boxes

    I'm aplication developer but my problem it's i don't know where are the layouts on android source code. Maybe it will be enough change few parameters on the layout...
  12. crazybyte

    Q&A regarding gellmar's notes on E400 development

    I will see my girlfriend maybe today or maybe in a couple of days. Hcatae said me in twitter that he want to be the second oficial brick in this forum :P
  13. crazybyte

    Q&A regarding gellmar's notes on E400 development

    STEP1- Error. Missing ; on line 9. Gellmar maybe we need to reboot to update partition table :S EDIT: Please test with busybox mk2fs. Maybe we have to format using assert(format("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p20", "/data"));[/CODE]

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