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  1. The T-Mobile UK voicemail number (press & hold the 1 button) is your mobile minus the initial 0 and prefixed +44067 - in other words if your number is 07123456789 then the voicemail number would be +440677123456789. When I dial this from my S620 with WM6 it 'intelligently' seems to strip the 0 after the +44 and results in an automated message about the number being barred. Anyone else come up against this? I've changed the voicemail number to match my actual number which seems to work - any downsides to this? Matt.
  2. I see they left the WMP full screen bug in place. I also don't seem to be able to close GPRS connections from Comm Manager either.
  3. InetUID

    Best UK GPRS Contract

    T-Mobile PAYG has a £1 limit for GPRS data per day so even if you use it heavily it'll only cost around £30 per month. Of course, if you don't use it so much it'll cost less. I got mine as SIM only as well.

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