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  1. That's a sweet tweak. You got the cabs and plugin to share?
  2. ....and in those files you extracted there's one called readme - read it. Copy the cabs to your phone and run them from your phone. Run the exe from Activesync
  3. Did you read the thread? It's very simple. Not sure how much more simplified it can get after 7 pages of instuctions. You will need to install WinRAR to extract the rar file, it's free, google it.
  4. Rockin home screen fellas. One question though - is there supposed to be any functionality to the menu bar across the top? (apple, mobile, etc, etc) Or is it just there for aesthetics? If so, then I hosed up the install somehow. Also, any plans on throwing in another plugin like Fizz Weather to fill in the empty space in the middle? -thanks
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