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  1. furby

    MoDaCo News Update

    What news Paul? I rarely visit the MoDaCo pages anymore but I always look back hoping for a bit more life
  2. Nice one Paul! I've been woefully inactive of late ( I still deserve to win though :) )
  3. Does anyone have the Nexus one wallpapers. Specifically the one that has the trailing neon lights, called "Nexus - A peek inside the neural network" Trying to make a wallpaper similar to it but having a bit of trouble recreating the little squares. Can someone post it? Thanks Also, just randomly notice this was my first post for 18months :)
  4. Hello Podcasters. Just wanted to post that even though I don't frequent the site that much these days I always listen to the podcast. It's always enjoyable and a great listen. Don't know if I'm a fan of the new format. I love the rambling and ranting of the usual podcast. I think the longer podcasts give a bit more scope for things like that. The shorter podcast seemed more contolled and (can't think of a better way to describe it) less personal. However, it's only been one podcast so I will hold off campaigning for the return to the old way :( edit/ No, there must be more!
  5. I'd love to do this with my (1st gen) Macbook Pro. Shame they don't do the UK
  6. furby

    SPV E650 and exchange 2003 sp2

    I'll be at my server and with my vox tomorrow so I will have a better look. You shouldn't need to restart the server when adding the device. What OS have you got on the device 6 or 6.1? Setting it up on a workstation within activesync itself (via usb) should be the most reliable method. What error message are you getting? I'd normally take a guess at where the problem is but it will be easier when I have both devices infront of me. Have you looked through the Technet Deploying guide? it's 18 pages long but some of the steps are optional.
  7. furby

    SPV E650 and exchange 2003 sp2

    Welcome to MoDaCo :lol: g3? Guess you mean GPRS (no 3G on the E650) What do you mean when you say ? Are you using the Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync Web Administration Tool ? Are you setting up the device on the phone itself or in Activesync connected to a pc? To avoid certificate issues, try just unticking the "connect using SSL" on the device. I forget where exactly it is in the menus but if you can't find it post back. I not to long ago setup my e650 on sbs 2003 exchange sp2 so hopefully I/we can help you do the same.
  8. furby

    Mini Tablet Mac

    Cool. this looks fun to try. How was the setup/install process?
  9. Thought it might. So just to be sure. Which exact apps could you not install? And are you trying to install them directly from the phone? I am assuming you don't need to app unlock your phone but we'll worry about that later
  10. furby

    HTC s710 dead ?

    Did you actually get an error running the ROM update utility? What was it? You only need the above if you want to flash an unofficial/cooked ROM (they're prob on xda developers though)
  11. furby

    HTC s710 dead ?

    Don't worry about that, without an activesync connection it doesn't display. Click Next ;) If you get an actual error, post it back
  12. Ok, I had a quick look at that list. Doesn't look like you can install some of them from the phone direct (which is I think what you're trying to do). Try the http://wls.live.com/ windows live one. I'm guessing it should ask you to download Livesearch6.cab or something like that. What happens. Does it download and not install, or not download at all?
  13. furby

    HTC s710 dead ?

    At the HTC site HERE as it says don't interupt the process until it's done. Post back how you get on
  14. furby

    HTC s710 dead ?

    Ok, it does work. Download the flash utility (ROM Updater). Plug your phone as above (camera button+usb) and then run the flash utility. It will of course wipe your phone but hopefully it'll get you back and working.
  15. furby

    HTC s710 dead ?

    Just wanted to check if you needed a network rom. Seeing as you flashed from htc then no. I think it is worth giving the updater (flash utility) another try, maybe something went wrong in the update. I'll see if I can flash mine from bootloader mode.

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