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  1. Normal PPC? Now that is a subjective statement.
  2. Back on topic...Yes, they were great on working out the bugs and it didn't take long at all for them to correct the issue. I am now in the same boat as you Mikeey. That darn Qualcomm is sometimes more trouble than it is worth. Too bad my next device will be another qualcomm - Touch Pro. More Qualcomm headaches....
  3. The developers were great in responding to this issue. I had the same problem with my HTC Touch Dual. I worked with them last week to resolve the Qualcomm issue. A very cool game. And very addicting.
  4. I don't expect much but when people say they are getting full frame rates with sound, I just do not believe it. I believe it plays okay on your Dell just like my hx4700 - same cpu. Masterall does not have support for yours or my graphics chip so I am sure both pda's are doing the same thing performance wise. Sound kills the performance IMO. Not knocking Masterall's coding capabilities though - this is the best emu ever in my opinion. But sound with any emu is going to slow things down.
  5. You are not alone. Even the older, faster ppc's run this stuff too slow with sound enabled. I don't know if this will ever get resolved until the ppc's with video drivers are supported by both the oem's and then the developer's.
  6. Keep in mind Pocketsnes 1.53 is using an older core of the SNES emulator of Snes9x. Part of the reason why the list of compatible games isn't so hot. Morphgear implemented the same core a few years back and then eventually upgraded it. Compatibility increased but it also slowed down. Some people blamed Morphgear for being too slow but the updated core also included more graphical features that just caused it to go back a step or two. So while Pocketsnes is fast on the Dash and other 200mhz PDAs it is also running on a pretty old emulator core. Back then we had faster CPUs (I will take a current gen 400mhz xscale over the one in the Tilt anyday) so this slight slowdown wasn't too bad so I stuck with Morphgear for the most part. With these slower PDA's it isn't too hot though. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with balancing speed over compatibility and graphic features.
  7. It appears to lock up but give it a minute. It does go past the screen. At least it does for me.
  8. HIVE. Yeah, now I remember. Sorry for calling it Mame. Especially since it was completely different code. I tend to lump all arcade titles under the Mame umbrella. Glad to see the Hive engine expanding even further. Thanks for the heads up. I will check out the new releases. And thanks for releasing Mappy. One of my favorites.
  9. PC Engine button issue resolved. Thanks. One observation. Loading up the first game the buttons did not work. I had to go to Define Keys. I didn't change anything, left the mappings alone but then clicked okay. After that is was okay. I guess you might need to "reload" the settings for lack of a better term.
  10. Definite appreciation. Been a long time follower of your emulation efforts since the late 90's with my Casio E100. I can still see that website of yours with the mame emulation. I checked it often hoping to see you release that emulator since Techmaster's MameCE was okay, but a little slow. You gotta make a living so I wasn't too upset to see you release your titles through official channels. Bought most of them. It is about quality and speed - which your titles delivered. Only a few developers come to mind when it comes to understanding the underlying hardware and video nuisances of these PDA's. You, PocketTV Team (well, back when they were around) and Picard with the original BetaPlayer (now CorePlayer). If you ever released your mame emulator I would by it in a heartbeat just like I did with Smartgear.
  11. Levels load fine on the Wing. Need to dig up your Duke Nukem tutorial though because for some reason I cannot trick this to work in landscape mode. I was able to do it before with the base Duke game. Maybe I am missing something. Thank you by the way for your posts involving the old first person shooters. They were very helpful.
  12. I noticed the keys for the PC Engine games do not work. I have a Blackjack 2. But it must be specific to the PC Engine and not the device itself because the other emulators work fine with the exact same keys. I mapped several buttons to the Start/Run function but I cannot get past the title screens. Not sure when it started but the problem still exists with the latest version 1.01.
  13. I am pretty sure Genesis. But I also thought those SVP games used DSP chips to speed up processing. Before they came out with the 32x games or whatever that system was called. Can't believe this was over 15 years ago.
  14. Must be a Samsung thing. I noticed the same glitch with my BJ2. I think my old Samsung i730 did the same thing when I was on Verizon.
  15. I highly doubt it. The Dash and Wing does the same thing without any noticable battery drain. The infamous Shadow battery drain occurs even without the radio turned on.
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