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  1. Well I have had mine for about a week. I think it is an excellent device, but am now mulling the prospect of getting a "normal" phone. For geeking around at home it's great. But in the real world it's just not that easy to use. Out and about everything seems just a bit too "fidly". For example, you can take a photo with the camera button, but then doing something with it really needs the stylus. Quite often you end up clicking the wrong icons (especially after too many beers). The choices at any one time are not as "up front" as I would like, often hidden in pull down menus or requiring click and hold on an item. It took me all week to work out how to delete all messages from the Inbox at once (multi-select, then click and hold). What's more there is no consistency to the applications, for example why doesn't media player allow use of the D-Pad like the smartphone version? Also, it just doesn't look like a phone. Eveyone thinks you've bought a mini-pc to the pub ;-) After previously owning an SPV, SPV C500 and an MPX200. I am now comming to the conclusion that a practical phone with a "single tasking" OS best suits every day use. I used Nokia's in the old days so am looking for something more practical, but with up-to-date features. Any suggestions? Nokia 6230?
  2. Not yet! The connector is physically similar to the smartphone series, but I belive they have changed the polarity.
  3. During severall calls, the other caller has complained that I am too quiet. This seems to be a problem with the M2000. I have checked the XDA Developers Forum and there are similar reports with the other variants of this phone. The AGC control under settings does not help as it only affects recording applications, not telephony. The only remedy appears to require use of a bluetooth headset. Has anyone else had similar experiences?
  4. I am using an Orange SPV M2000. Works fine most of the time, just occasionally get this painting problem. Not changed the skin yet. I prefer the TMobile one to the O2, I'll wait until someone comes up with an "Orange" one. Cheers Adrian
  5. like the smartphone one.....
  6. my phone is stuck on the headset profile after using some headphones. help. turned it on and back off without success. Posted from my SmartPhone!
  7. I can't edit this file to adjust the delay for custom ringtones as has been suggested elsewhere on this forum. Get an error message "Access Denied" cannot copy file when I try to copy from the phone to my C: drive for editing. Any suggestions?
  8. I have owned SPV, SPV E200 and MPX200. I used to use my SPV all the time for mp3 playback but now don't with the MPX200. The Moto seems to ouput hardly any bass through the headphones when compared to the HTC handsets, making listening unbearable (IMO). This is down to the design of the audio amplification stage. I suspect it has been optimised for phone calls without consideration for its use as an mp3 playback device.
  9. adrianfox

    What to buy? What to do?

    I was like you. I got an E200 but then took it back cos of all the problems and swapped for an MPX200. I have to say I am very happy with the Moto. Battery life is good and it is a joy to use.
  10. adrianfox

    Mono sound

    I also notice that the audio quality is inferior to the SPV (lacks bass). Posted from my SmartPhone!
  11. adrianfox

    Another E200 return....

    I agree entirely. I''ve dumped my E200 and looking round now, considering the MPX200.
  12. adrianfox

    E200 Upgrade Advice?

    Don't get one, you'll regret it. I upgraded my SPV to the E200 and ended up taking it back for a refund due to: - buzzing in earpiece - poor battery life < 1 day - missed incoming calls (staight to voice mail) I'm now back with my original SPV and considering the MPX200
  13. adrianfox

    Calls not getting through

    I had a similar problem. My phone was showing bad signal strength but when I power cycled it, it returned to full. I've taken my E200 back for a refund, too many problems for me.

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