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  1. K nevermind.. got it working. But when I scroll my wheel up or all the way down.. half the screen gets cut off. Is this a bug?
  2. I did read it.. doesn't say much. Tried moving the .cab files to my cellphone.. but none of them showup when I browse my phone. I had put it into My Documents, and even tried the Windows root. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Noone posted intructions, and I could not find any. I have WinZip.. and when I extract the files.. I get a bunch of cabs and misc. file types. Am I supposed to place them in a directory? If so, where do they go? Am I uspposed to install it on my PC first? Phone? I'm completely lost. =*(
  4. Guys, please.. I've been trying for an hour to figure out how to install this. I just got my phone, so I'm whole to the new experience. Downloaded the .rar files and do not know what to do from there. Can please soemone provide me with some instructions on how to get this running on my Blackjack? Thanks..
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