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  1. Mobilephonesdirect tmobile 600mins 500texts 500 meg 25.53 2yr phone cost 9quid
  2. Meh I never winz nothin :( i be crying man :) please help me to become a lucky man :(
  3. amarko5

    GPS Navigation on the Vega

    I had exactly the same so currently i have gone back to back to 1.06.5 and applied a saved R6 and all is working again i wonder if our illustrious @paul could have a look and see whats up. :P
  4. amarko5

    Notion Ink Adam tablet apps

    go into settings in the keyboard section and put a tick in the box then when in any text entry window long press till you get a select input window select the keyboard you want and hey presto there it is if only some clever person could get the Swype keyboard working i would be in heaven
  5. amarko5

    Vega accessories

    I just got one of these and its excellent nice and sturdy and angles with positive lock here
  6. it's times like these when a persons location in their profile would help others to see if they are local enough, then a possible meet at a cafe or mc donalds or some such place to load up the software for you. i for one would not be averse to helping others to boost their vega's to a usable state. I am in Carlisle Cumbria UK if thats any help to anyone ;)
  7. amarko5

    Adam tablet UI eden could be usable on vega

    i thought the vega source was out now ?
  8. Cannot abide any more lies untruths and delays not even the decency to reply to emails here is something i posted to Rohan the CEO. "Hand on heart I have followed this product from inception to the current day, I really (at the begining ) thought this is fantastic as a product and a Great business model / Ideal / Notion. However that has certainly changed the longer this has continued. Red flags should have started when things on the device started to change, some commented on, but most not :-( and certainly the more controversial ones (matt glass) Glossed over (no pun intended) :-) I too have been blinded by the faith in NI to deliver a great product ,and a great customer experience ,that unfortuntely does not appear to be the case. Rohan has shown himself to MODIFY the Truth ( perhaps the fanbois wont flame me for that ) on far to many occasions. and if his counting and percentage calculations are as bad as he demonstrates, then the business cannot possibly survive sa he must think there are millions in the bank when in fact there are tens. perhaps you all think $600 dollars in my case, is an acceptable Risk / loss, unfortunately for a married man with three children this is not a risk i took lightly, but one i now find myself having to reclaim. had my item shipped this morning (or yesterday as it is now) then perhaps i could have kept up the good fight and defended the name of NI. but as Rohan saw fit to string us along and mis-inform yet again, the straw on this camels back was broken. I have 4 emails i have sent over the last 12 hours (none of which have been replied to) by notion ink, another Red Flag that customer service is currently and most likely going to be non existant. next red flags, people with issues not really being listened too and replied to (unless greg puts a word in with the CEO) Really come on whats that about. anyway it's nearly 11pm here and the cancellation will go ahead tomorrow (unless there is a miracle overnight and Rohan ships my ADAM as promissed) I just hope there is enough money in the coffers to pay me back, and I also hope NI have the decency to refund as quickly as it was taken in december, without any so called cancellation fee. " I have a feeling they will go TITS up shortly as there are quite a few cancelling their orders and as NI is relying on the cashflow from pre orders i feel the writing is on the wall. does anyone know if i can get a Pixel QI Screen into my VEGA ? as the software has been released surely there is a way of making the drivers or whatever is needed work on the Vega ?
  9. Seemingly the adam interface or launcher called eden is easily ported (well for those in the know and im not one of them) on xda someone has already ported it over to the gtab so porting to the vega should be easy. the first software update i have posted links too in the adam tablet section, i hope someone can fine some use in the files posted. :lol:
  10. @Paul heres a link for you paul this is the adam pixelqi software linky dinky pixel qi and a link to the normal lcd version lcd version thought it might be interesting for you and, although mine aint here yet i will be looking for your expert help in possibly getting me the gapps working including market as it ships without this and also flash, i am thinking being a tegra 2 it will be similar to the vega. many thanks in advance :lol:
  11. amarko5

    ADAM Shipping today... ?

    15th to the 22nd now moved to the 29th :lol: so probs gonna get delayed by chinese new year so god knows when.
  12. amarko5

    T mobile (UK) hacks it's data allowance!

    wow an amazing backtrack (sarcasm) the best that is going to help anybody is if they just signed up this month for a 2 year deal. because i have 2 phones with them one out of contract in april and one in november so that means as soon as the contract is over they will switch me to the 500 mb limit ;) it's really bad practice for them, as i will be jumping ship as soon as they do. (more as a matter of principle, than anything else) and i hope thousands more do the same.
  13. amarko5

    Real alternative to the Vega?

    notion ink adam currently we are awaiting the 1st batch of orders to be delivered but deffo one to watch out for :D
  14. amarko5

    [TEARDOWN] P10AN01 aka Advent Vega

    A higher res camera with macro focus would help as your pics are a bit blurry to say the least. :P

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