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  1. Awesome work you guys are doing here. Just wanted to let you know that on my Dash, everything installed successfully but I encountered some anomalies after resetting my phone a couple of times: 1. The bottom half of the homescreen became a garbled mess and I could not navigate. Perhaps this is related to the disappearing plugins bug? 2. My Java programs were suddenly displaying a larger font (like Opera Mini and Gmail, for example). I have a suspicion this has something to do with Font Installer, one of the files packaged with your project. Both of these bugs were not fixed with resets. However, when I ran Remove Programs on all the SkinProject files (incl. Font Installer), everything went back to normal. In any case, it's a beautiful skin. Good job so far, guys. I'm intrigued by the phoneAlarm stuff as well b/c it def increases the usefulness of the homescreen. I understand the original authors' prime directives are simplicity and adherence to the Apple look and feel, but perhaps there is room for both a "clean" and "feature-added" version of the homescreen (-; [eR]
  2. I bought xBar a while back. It would sometimes make my SDA freeze. I'm sure it's got a lot of flexibility (there are config files you can edit to leverage its power), but it's definitely overkill for just copy/paste because it's a task manager (think ALT TAB) that happens to include copy/paste functionality. Plus its GUI is awkward and unconventional. I liked it at first, but because of the stated reasons, I won't be installing it on my Dash. Also, xBar appears to have not been updated in a while and its shoddy web site gives me the heebie jeebies. If anyone can contradict any of these points, be my guest. My advice: Stay away until further notice. [eR]
  3. Hi, I think I need screen protector after examining my screen fairly closely ... I've got some stray scratches here and there. )~: So before I buy/apply a protector, does anybody know: How do I get rid of the scratches on my screen?
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