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  1. Hi guys, Very generic questions, but which do you guys believes offers the best phone/pocket device overall The Samsung Galaxy S or the HTC Desire? Also Is a HVGA better than a WVGA screen?? Look forward to your opinions.
  2. OzzMosiz

    Fantastic new Orange Messenger

    My contract ends October and I'm leaving Orange. 14 years I've been with them and their customer services have been rubbish.
  3. Ok I have a M700 with a cooked version of WM6 and I've had problems recently with Activesync not working. It never detects the device. I've deinstalled Activesync 4.5, deleted the files in c:\program files\microsoft\activesync and re-installed and hard-reset my device - still nothing. Even turned off the firewall - nothing. Also Wifi wont connect - enter the key in, then my wifi say "not available" - works on two laptops fine. Anyone have a clue what is going on here?
  4. Everytime I enter the WEP key my wifi works great, but it seems to wipe it every now and then for no reason. What is causing this, cos I'm ready to smash my M700 (Mobile 6 by the way)
  5. Am I being a dumbass, I get Phone and Wifi on Green, GPS isn't showing up. But Tracker Status is disabled. So I stop it, start it, and it disconnects Wifi (goes orange) and switches to GPRS. Edit: Sorted it - power management!
  6. OzzMosiz


    It has crashed my phone a few times. What I don't like is, I can't seem to end programs without going into task manager. I want to be able to hold down the X or the _ as it appears on my phone to kill processes.
  7. Me too. My "My Documents" which had my pictures went berserk. Could create a directory in there. Move out of that directory, go back in and it was gone!! Never did find out what caused it, but I lost all my pictures!!
  8. I'll agree with that! No Wifi and no GPS makes it almost useless to me (ok useless may be an exaggeration).
  9. I've upgraded my OS recently to a Mary cooked ROM. Whenever I enter the Wifi settings, after soft resetting it doesn't remember the settings. I noticed on the section of the Start menu where it remembers the last few programs you've run - these are empty too. Anyone have any idea what might be causing this, or am I going to have to install a different ROM? Any help is appreciated. Device is a HTC3600 (M700)
  10. I've got the exe if you want it!
  11. OzzMosiz

    SPV M700 Voicemail alerts - NONE!!

    Try here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...ht=sms_provider
  12. just installed it and it crashes for me! :-S
  13. OzzMosiz

    MSN Messenger

    I've used Plaringo - www.palringo.com Not bad, has some functions missing. Can use yahoo too.
  14. Can anyone grab/convert the Krypton Theme from Superman (1978) ??? Or failing that how about the guitar intro for Spirit Of Radio by Rush?
  15. OzzMosiz

    Alarm sounds

    Anyone?? ;)

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