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    Any way to save GPS data?

    I'm hoping there is a way to capture the GPS data stream from my AT&T Q9 and save the track into a file. I will then use the track with an application that adds the location information to the metadata of photos taken with my DSLR during the trek. The program is http://www.topofusion.com/. Any ideas are much appreciated.
  2. So I just purchased a Dash on eBay and should receive it in a few days. I intend to replace my Cingular 2125 with it. How do I unlock it so I can use it with Cingular? Can I unlock it without at T-mobile sim? I plan to use the wap.cingulargprs.com settings; The same as on my 2125. How about using it as a Bluetooth modem for my laptop? Thanks, Steve
  3. I currently have a 2125 with the I-mate ROM. I have the MEdia Net unlimited data plan. I'd like a full qwerty keyboard and wifi, and I really liked the feel of the Dash at a mall kiosk today. My quesitons are: Can I configure an unlocked Dash with my Cingular account info and receive unlimited data? Can I use my exchange outlook, the same as the 2125? Can the Dash do voice and data simultaneously? I use my 2125 as a modem for my laptop from time to time. Thanks, Steve

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