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  1. Ah ha!! I found the solution. If you have a custom wallpaper set, you MUST set it to "Default" under Settings>Display>Home Screen>Background Image Hopefully this helps anyone who runs into the same issue.
  2. First of all, I want to say that from a Mac user's perspective, this is awesome! I have been considering purchasing "The Missing Sync" and using my Blackjack with my 20" iMac. This is the perfect fit :) Having said that, I'm having a problem. When scrolling all the way up, half of my desktop disappears. The same thing happens when I select the "Dashboard". Screen shots below: Scrolled all the way up ("WiFi" selected?) Dashboard Yay, Finder works :D All items installed from the EXE and CAB files included in the RAR files, part 1 from the "download" page, part 2 from the first page of the thread. All CABs copied to "My Documents" on the phone, and installed in the following order: SliClock - ran EXE from PC, completed steps on BJ, install successful FontInstaller - Ran CAB from BJ, successful RJ Shortcut - Ran CAB from BJ, successful RJ Time - Ran CAB from BJ, successful Smartmonitor - Ran CAB from BJ, successful SkinProject OSX - Ran CAB from BJ, successful I tried reinstalling all the plugins after installing the SkinProject OSX CAB, but that doesn't seem to fix the problem. Thanks a million for any insight you can provide. I'll definitely be contributing if I can get this workable on my phone :D
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