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  1. Hey I bought the missing link for my mac and it works great. It sync's my cal address book and itunes songs perfectly. so easy and fast. You also have the option to mount the phone which gives you even more flexabilty. But now with all the duo core processors from mac you run full versions of both os x and windows vista or xp. So you have the best of both worlds. Once you go Mac you'll never want to go back to a pc again. Definitly buy it. =)
  2. Ok i got it working. But i didn't put part 2 in part 1 when i extracted the files from part 2 there was nothing in the folder. I can't run the sliclock plugin (I have mac) So I don't know if i'm missing anything. does anyone know how to run that file with a mac? also my clock dosen't show up unless i have the screen scrolled up to the top. Then it says wifi off which is annoying. How do I get it to look exactly like the pic in the first post? i only installed files from the part 1 .rar file. And the Font for the battery and storage device etc... is so small Is that normal?
  3. No Luck I have know idea what i'm doing. i unzip part 1 and part two didn't ened up in the folder. then when I try to unzip part 2 it dosen't work then i install the files on the phone and the font one and few others don't show up on the phone? any ideas?
  4. Guys I have no idea how to install this homescreen on my phone. This is the best looking screen I have seen. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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