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  1. Has anyone found a fix for the keylock issue yet or is there an impending hotfix due? Reading the thread on XDA Developers the only current answer is PocketSheild which although a solution it's not a fix.
  2. Hmm.... looks cool?? Nay, looks riduculous, I'll need to wear a scarf or grow may hair. Com'n chaps I need more suggestions.
  3. Bigdish, What's the in call quality like as far as microphone is concerned
  4. Hmm... that price looks as though it's for a second most other sites a pricing from £50 - £70. I'll need to look at these they appear to be a bit Star Trek :(
  5. OK so now after 6 months or so of considering it i've taken the plunge and am now a HD owner. Now I need good fuctional headphones for calls and tunes. So I would welcome opinions from the "experts" as to which to go for. :)
  6. Blimey, they could've found a more attractive girl to model 'em! :)
  7. Er... I really should think and check before posting
  8. Just did fella, was offered the P4350, they know nowt about the Touch :)
  9. As an English born guy who's father was from the West Indies and mother from the US I'm a bit spoilt for choice. But as long as i can remember i have always been proud to be English. And being lucky enough to have been to 2 Euro's and this will be my second World Cup. So for me it's C'MON ENGLAND, C'MON!
  10. A personal apology to all for that image, i had not noticed the "addtional enhancement" and if i had i would have removed it or deleted the image.
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