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  1. It has to said that Microsoft are the kings of instability Lets hope that Mobile Linux pull through sooner rather than later
  2. I have a similar problem with my Vario II Using http://www.dslreports.com/mspeed?jisok=1 my on WiFi my tytn gives me a pretty constant reading of 1300-1400 kbit/s (at around 6s d/l time) when using PIE and NetFront whilst my laptop gives a result saying it's too fast with d/l time around 1.9s That's a very big difference, a factor of 3. Are you sure that it's the processor ? <_<
  3. So how would I have Feb showing 21k if I was in the UAE? I was there a few times over the last couple of years but I don't plan on living there. Still not had a cheque (in Sterling) and still thinking, as others on this thread, that this could well be a con. Much like Dubai actually, unless you like building sites that is.
  4. [Edit by Paul (MVP): Please keep posts on topic and appropriate.]
  5. So where's my cheque Actually, forget that, how do I sack this stupid thing off altogether, I'm suddenly thinking that I don't want any contact with these jokers at all.
  6. Signed up, installed okSays Inactive and that I used 21k in FebFunny since I used 30meg today and 21k doesn't even cover one of your sites pagesStupid yanksCan't wait till the dollar inflates it's self out of existence, sooner than you think
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