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  1. They are odd issues..... i cant explain either of them yet but i am sure one of us will get to the root of the problem! Cheers for the replies guys, at least i now know i am not going mad! lol
  2. Conz, I am having the same issue with my phone..... disabling data connection does not appear to work staright away on mine, i have found the best thing to do is to enable airplane mode (i.e. which turns off all wireless) and then disable this mode..... all then starts working again...... have you managed to resolve this issue yet? matt
  3. Hi, I am having more odd problems in that some text messages that come in with no number pick a random contact (appears to be the same one). Also, i sometimes get texts from different people appearing in the same thread (as a conversation with someone else) and when you click reply it goes to the wrong person...... very odd..... im not sure what is going on there but has anyone experienced this? This might be me not knowing something or doing something wrong though...... many thank sin advance matt
  4. Hi i have a few issues with my desire, one of these is that the internet connection is turning itself off....... its obviusly set for always on but the only way i have found to get back on is by resetting the phone back to factory settings or turning airplane mode on and off..... has anyone else had this issue? cheers. matt
  5. Hi, not sure if anyone else has experienced this with the desire, but i am finding that occasionally the internet turns itself off totally. It is still enabled in settings etc it just doesnt work. Obviously, i am in signal range when i am trying, but this may be occuring when i am in a weak signal area for a long period of time. It restarts again after turning off totally and then back on again. Has anyone else expereicned this? Many thanks. Matt
  6. Interesting...... not sure whats going on then..... something has been done over the air to mess things up.....!!
  7. Paul, what firmware version are you using?...... mine was 2.1 (im 99% sure), but it now says 2.1update1. My software no is still Matt
  8. UPDATE! I have just called HTC. This is a software issue with the recent update. They are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. Its pointless returning the phone as there is nothing wrong with it. The replacement will be the same. Hope this helps. Just a case of living with it for a few days.
  9. Paul I have the same issue completely...... i think it is due to an OTA update to the phone. I am not getting a replacement as Orange ship out recon units if you have had it for over a month. The problem is software related and HTC should be able to fix...... i am going to try and contact them.
  10. H I have had an HTC Desire for about a month and a half. I have installed some apps, but the work has been working like a dream until yesterday. I now have the random reboots. It boots several times (sometimes getting to the home screen) but mostly not. All i see it the white HTC screen. Eventually it gets back to normal and starts ok. It did the same thing today and i did notice that the unit was quite hot. On both occasions (yesterday and today) i was trying to access the internet, not make a call. I have noticed that i have been getting several text messages from Anonymous (no subject). It you open it in the top right is a icon for a sim card. I think this is possibly an issue with an over the air update that has been applied to the phone. i have read easewhere that others are having similar issues. They cant all be ok for some time and then only playing up in the last week.... what does everyone think? I phoned Orange CS who were useless....... they have not heard of any problems of this nature. I dont believe them. I was going to do a hard reset, but i think now this may not sort the issue.... Anyone got any ideas? Are you getting those texts? I saw one post elsewhere about lots of things running at once possibly causing an issue..... Maybe the Advanced Task Killer is the problem.... read somewhere else this was the case.......?? Cheers. Matt
  11. Hi I currently have a Samsung i780 which i have on the whole been very pleased with. After nearly two yeards of use, i cannot recall a single crash (unlike my previous phoes M3100, M5000 etc). It has also performed well, but it seems a little dated now stood behind the latest touch screen devices! Now i am looking at new phones and am wondering what peoples views of the HTC Desire, HTC TouchPro 2 and iPhone are. My main thing is that I want push email and syncing with the PC...... not sure if these new operating syaems do this ok?? Feel free to offer any other suggestions, these are just the first three that stuck out....... Any pointers would be greatly appreciated...... Many thanks. Matt
  12. Cheers Igalan I was actually holding the device so this was not the issue. Plus it could be heard, a bit, although it was very muffled..... I have no problems with the Jabra handsfree i normally use, its just that if i get a 730, (the 720 is borrowed from a mate) it would be nice to have that feature working..... Cheers. Matt
  13. Hi I am trying to get a TomTom 720 to work as a hands free unit with the i780. I have paired the units no problem and i can hear the phone through the tonton unit, but the other person cannot hear me clearly..... in fact hardly at all.... Has anyone else has any problems with this issue?? Many thanks in anticipation. Regards. Matt
  14. Apologies if this is a stupid question, but does the i780 have built in GPS? I thought it did, but now i am starting to think otherwise..... Cheers in advance..... Matt
  15. Hi, not sure if this has already been answered elsewhere (I have not been able to find it) but waht is the max memory card that this phone can accept? Loving the i780 by the way! Cheers in advance. Matt
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