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    HTC Touch diamond 2
  1. I am looking at getting the solo beats headphones for my sensation xe. Does anyone know if the remote on the headphones will work?
  2. I cannot get words that I manually enter to save in the phones dictionary. So when I manually add a new word I would expect as with previous phones to store that word and suggest it next time. Does anyone know how to resolve this? I remember a custom dic file before on a old SPV I had??
  3. Hi there I am going to buy a Touch Diamond 2 from device wire. Can anyone tell me if I can just put my orange sim card in and go? Will there be any issues with not having an orange ROM on there or things not working as a result of not having an orange specific ROM? Cheers
  4. I also use the silicon case plus some plastic screen protectors have had my Diamond since they first came out and bar a bit of dust in the camera its in mint condition.
  5. I find the manual provides lots of information about how to use the 'Fone'.
  6. I am happy with the battery by making sure unused apps are closed and switching the screen off I can easilt get 2 days or so. I must admit when I first got the phone I was playing with it so much it only lasted a day but has been much better now! Great phone
  7. Thats the first shot of the back of the T Mobile diamond I have seen. Rubbish lol much prefer the crazy back on the orange one. Are they all like that or is that just the case from ADVERTISING SPAM?
  8. Ive had a fair few smart phone started with the E200 but am not that good with the tweaks etc to help the performance. Does it really speed the phone up if the tweaks Paul added are applied. Just getting a bit sick of the slowness on my E650? Cheers
  9. I have read that the Diamond will only be available on O2. Have I been mis informed or is this the case?
  10. This phone looks awesome has anyone any idea when the Titanium phone will be about as i really need the keypad (the one that slides out the botton like the Touch Dual). Fat fingers :D
  11. I am also getting this problem it starts to add the files but freezes and doesnt add them.
  12. Mate you are laughing I have been waiting 4 weeks.
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