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  1. Hey I have made an account on sipgate.co.uk and have been looking to buy a USB phone so i can take calls through it. Is there any sort of program that will allow the C500 to act as a USB Voip Phone at all? Chris x
  2. Hey all I have unlocked my SPV C500 so i can put a new 3 simcard in and "Hopefully" take advantage of their free msn till december :) I have it in and can receive calls etc but when i rung 3 to get the WAP/MMS/etc etc settings they wudnt send them to me cus they didnt recognise my phone make GRRRR!! Anyone got the details so i can do it myself??? Any help wud be amazinG! chris x
  3. ok so i got an SPV c500 and had it on charge from my computer. Leave it for an hour and come back and its died :rolleyes: No light from charging and power wont tun on at all. Ive tried 3 different cables, reinstalled Activsync and tried this on 3 different machines and nuthin. Also tried taking out the sim/memory card etc for a while and trying again and still nuthin. Only thing i havnt got round to trying which seems like the most obvious is trying to charge it with a normal charger but ive lost mine haha Any ideas wud be ace!! Ive actually ordered a new one off ebay cus found a bargin for 25quid! So if all else fails i got a new one to use but id much prefer not to lose all my contacts and stuff Chris x

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