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  1. I have used an spv c550 (htc hurricane) for a while now and have recently upgraded to an O2 XDA Orbit 2 (htc polaris, I think) My spv c550 has the qtek rom installed. Is there a way to transfer the txt messages from my spv to my xda?
  2. I use linux so dont have activesynch. I can still charge my phone. Linux doesnt see it as a memory stick... it doesnt recognise anything but it will charge ok. Sometimes I have to reboot the pc with the phone plugged in to get it to charge.
  3. thanks paul. I should have updated my post because I worked out why I could find the menus.... I need to view hidden files.
  4. In windows mobile 2003 it was possible to go to storage/windows/startmenu and add/remove/reorganise the menus. Im wondering if its possible to do something similar in windows mobile 6? Many Thanks
  5. wow, this looks brill. Forget the Qtek ROM guys..... go with Windows Mobile 6!!
  6. I put it in my original post. http://www.modaco.com/content/HTC-Hurrican...ing-in-english/
  7. Ive got an spv c550 and use linux (xbunutu) Is there a way to at least add and retrieve files to my phone. Im not too bothered about installing programs, ive got everything on there that I need. How do I get linux to recognise my phone? Ive googled for ages and get nowhere. Mant Thanks Rik
  8. Kammy, check my first post again. Ive editted it so that it now works properly.
  9. Ive just got homescreen designer to use with my c550. When I upload the theme it is always converted into 176x220. My wallpaper is changed to this resolution and the plugins coords are all different too. Ive tried changing the xml file, setting it to 240x320 but its then impossible to get the plugins where I want them. How can I get homescreen designer to make 240x320 resolution themes for mobile 2003se?
  10. I dont know how I misunderstood your original post. I cant get wmp11 on windows 2000 so I cant try it with my phone, otherwise id have a go.
  11. I didnt even know you could get wmp11 on the c550. Where did you get it?
  12. Nope, I cant get it to work either. It needs to go in \storage\application data\microsoft\media player on the c550.... or at least thats where ive had them work in the past.
  13. Ive got a few games from my old spv e100 which had a 176x220 resolution and although most work on my spv c550 none fill the 240x320 screen. Is the there a way to play them full screen?
  14. Standard gameplay games 27 average 277 high 600 big burst 272
  15. I just converted mine to .wav and put them in the root directory of the sd card. It worked on my e100 too.
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