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  1. Ive finally sussed it. That english t9.cab was no use in the end. Like I expected it was a simple registry edit. Id imagine there are a few ways of doing it but the most simple... and also the the method which has as little editting as possible is this way.... I used a program called mobile registry editor. It allows you to edit the registry of your phone on your pc. That way you can use your keyboard to edit the registry keys. Given that its freeware can I post a link? http://www.breaksoft.com/Blog/Utilities/20...try_Editor.aspx Simply establish an activesync connection and start the application on your desktop/laptop. HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\t9 input method\LDBs. I changed 0419 from T9RussianLDB.dll to T9EnglishLDB.dll and under HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\Input\LDBs I entered a string named 0419 and entered a value of t9englis.dll I rebooted the phone and then in a text message I held down * and a box popped up with options. Just change the language to English. Im sure it will be really simple to add new languages too as long as you have the T9*****LDB.dll file for your language. The phone still thinks its in russian but the russian language now uses an english.dll. If you set the phone to use russian it simply beeps at you because its confused to which .dll to use I assume. I might try and delete all the russian registry sometime though tbh im just glad its working! That t-mobile rom was a bitch in the end. The registry had loads of junk in it.... so much so you had to change a whole handfull of entries just to change sounds and images n stuff. The menus stink too :rolleyes:
  2. The t-mobile rom is one which can be posted here..... http://www.tm-phonedownloads.com/download_manager_sda_2.html The menus are worse than I first thought.... stuff like calculator, task etc are under an "Organiser" shortcut, messages is something similar because it gives you the option for email and stuff before sms. Im sure all this can be editted in the registry but I gave up trying because it was 4am! Also the media centre button are for Opera (which for some reason wont load up.... I wanted opera too! better than IE), Calendar, Contacts and Messages. I want to try and find out which files on the t-mobile rom make it english so I can try copying them over but I bet you cant paste onto \windows. I'll let you know how I get on.
  3. I think you can do it in the registry. I havent got the qtek rom anymore because I dont think its possible to get the text fields to work in english. Im on the t-mobile rom and its not too bad. The menus are a bit fiddly.... either way it has a registry entry for cleartype. hklm\system\gdi\cleartype. Id imagine you will have to set it to 1.
  4. Its because the phone is still CID locked. Check your last topic, I wrote down exactly what you need to do. http://www.modaco.com/Where-to-get-C550-SP...ms-t254721.html
  5. The google pages have changed, I cant find that link anymore either. Try searching for..... "HU_BP_RUS_101577_13234_1410_ship" Again its on a forum and hosted via ftp. To flash the phone you will have to cid unlock the phone, which means installing cert.cab and using spv services. you will have to application unlock the phone to install cert.cab Download Regedit http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=attach...st&id=18427 Using ActiveSync copy the regedit file to \storage\windows\startmenu Then on your phone Press start and open regedit. Navigate to.... HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies and press values. Open 00001001 and change the value data to 1 Do the same for 00001005 but change the value data to 40. Now download spv services. Its a simple google. Once you have downloaded and extracted the spv services folder copy the cert.cab to your phone, just copy it to \storage. On your phone press Start and then System Management and open file manager. Click on storage then change it to list view. You should see cert.cab in the list. Click on it and install it. Once this is done make sure activesync is connected and open SPVServices from within the SPV Services folder you downloaded. Then click on CID Unlock on the left. I cant remember what screens you should see but it was quite straight forward. Once you have CID unlocked your phone you can now install the rom. Make sure activesync is connected and your phone is turned on as normal (you dont need to be in the boot screen) Simply double click on the rom you downloaded and follow the instructions. Once the flash is done you will have russian phone! Press Start, then press 8 (for settings, its the only folder in the first screen of the start menu... just in case its not 8!), then press 0 and then 5 (Regional Settings) Change the top menu to UK/US English and reboot the phone. It should now be in English. What I haven't sorted is the entering of text... ie in a message or new contact. Its in russian... abc and t9 predictive text. I was told to download this and install it the same way in which you installed cert.cab http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=attach...st&id=21458 Only now I dont get any text, just numbers its easy to uninstall but russian is as useful as nothing at all to me! It took me 6 days to find the rom (then in 10 mins I found 3 difference links for it!) and 5 hours last night to work out how to flash it so be gratefull!
  6. To get rid of the orange crap. I use and different operator. Orange are the ones who have played with the phone not qtek, I want it the way it was when it came out of the factory.
  7. Many Thanks for your help! I managed to do it using File Manager. I assumed id be able to do it on the pc in explorer. EDIT: Strangely when I came to doing all the menus it didnt work using File Manager but did work using the pc and activesync. Its sorted now other than Interactive keeps reappearing after I reboot the phone.
  8. On my old Qtek 7070 I rearranged all the menus so that when I pressed "start" I had Inbox, Settings, Programs, Task Manager and Playlists. On my Qek 8200 all the shortcuts in startmenu are hidden files. When I try to move them I get a box pop up effectively saying I cant move them. Ive tried right clicking and goinf to properties but and check boxes are shaded out. Is there any way to move the shortcuts because at the moment there are 3 pages and programs and settings n stuff which I hate! Many Thanks
  9. well I got it installed and its working fine only I cant get rid of the russian. When I try an sms I cant even type in letters, its just numbers? Its strange because bits are in english and bits are in russian. More russian than english though :rolleyes: Ive set it to English UK in regional settings too. EDIT: It needed a reboot... sorry, its late!
  10. Many Thanks for the replies. I finally found a russian qtek rom and am about to try it out. Wish me luck! In fact im finding it difficult to cid unlock my phone.... does anyone know how I can do this? SPV Services doesnt work for some reason.
  11. I spent 6 days looking for a qtek 8200 rom for my c550. Apprently your not allowed to post links here so all I can say is google q*** 8*** r** and have a look at the bottom of the 3rd returned page for a forum post in a different language. You'll have to install a russian rom and then apply an english.cab to sort out your predictive text. Im here now to find out how to flash the rom, i dont know if it will be the same as the qtek 7070 i did. I'll let you know how I get on.
  12. Thanks for the replies. It took me 6 days to find it though in hindsight its not too hard to find. Im downloading it now and will try installing it after tea. I dont see the problem in posting links... sounds a bit harsh to me. Can I give a tip for someone looking for the rom. Google q___ 8___ r__ and it within the first 5 returned pages.... the link is on a forum and its an ftp site. 6 days searching just for one link, whats the world coming to. Once again many thanks for the replies..... I very nearly gave up looking for this rom. :rolleyes:
  13. Ive just won an spv c550 on ebay and will want to install a qtek rom for it. I dont use orange and dont want to see the ornage stuff. With my spv e100 I got a qtek from the swedish qtek site which was luckily in English when I installed it. Ive tried to find a qtek rom for the 8200 but cant find one anywhere. This forum is called HTC Hurricane and Variants..... im wondering what these "variants" are and if the roms for them will work on my c550? As long as I end up with a working phone with a Qtek rom im not bothered. What do you guys suggest?
  14. Well I managed it in the end. I had to downgrade my bootloader using HandySPV Utility. Just install it and plug your phone in... I think I was on the canary screen when I clicked on "downgrade bootloader". You'll see what to do! You can get that here..... http://ukaywares.blogspot.com/2005/10/handyspv-utility.html Its dead easy to flash it.... the hard bit was finding those links! Hence this post. I just booted up into the canary screen and double clicked on the installer. When I first booted the phone it was already in English for me, I haven't seen how to change the language because I haven't looked! The qtek one is in my opinion loads better than the orange 1.6 one though after two days I think maybe the battery runs out quicker... if thats possible!? The camera program is better (timer) and I have about 400kb more ram available too, 8.8mb.
  15. Sorted. Remove battery and sim card. Leave sim card flap open and get a small electrical screwdriver under the edge of the casing and lever apart. I had a small "void if removed" bit of sticky paper exactly where I needed to get the screwdriver. There will be a small gap on the outside of the phone where the silver and blue plastics join. Get a credit card in this gap and run it around the edge until the phone splits in two. I did it with brute force and didnt break anything so you shouldnt go too far wrong. The circuit board is held in place by one screw close to the earpiece speaker. Its tiny and I had to file down my smallest screwdriver to get it out. Its dead easy.
  16. The plastic screen which protects the lcd on my phone is scratched to bits and makes images look fuzzy. Can someone tell me how I can pull the phone apart so that I can replace the pastic with a peice of glass. I cant find a screw or a clip anywhere! Im new to mobiles and dont know how they are put together.
  17. Qtek ROM ;) http://www.modaco.com/qtek-rom-15091-t252871.html
  18. Its here.... http://www.myqtek.com/sweden/produkter/7070/filarkiv.aspx Im trying to install it now. I go to the canary screen but activesync wont react. When I use the rom installer the canary screen goes white and has stayed like that for 10mins now. The installer is in english even though its from a swedish site.
  19. Is there a way to get rid of all the orange crap ive got on the phone and use a generic "install"? My program memory keeps on maxin' out for no reason and I want to do a hard reset but see it a good oppurtuninty to get things as minimalistic as possible. Many Thanks I forgot to say its an Orange spv e100
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