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  1. I have used an spv c550 (htc hurricane) for a while now and have recently upgraded to an O2 XDA Orbit 2 (htc polaris, I think) My spv c550 has the qtek rom installed. Is there a way to transfer the txt messages from my spv to my xda?
  2. I use linux so dont have activesynch. I can still charge my phone. Linux doesnt see it as a memory stick... it doesnt recognise anything but it will charge ok. Sometimes I have to reboot the pc with the phone plugged in to get it to charge.
  3. thanks paul. I should have updated my post because I worked out why I could find the menus.... I need to view hidden files.
  4. In windows mobile 2003 it was possible to go to storage/windows/startmenu and add/remove/reorganise the menus. Im wondering if its possible to do something similar in windows mobile 6? Many Thanks
  5. wow, this looks brill. Forget the Qtek ROM guys..... go with Windows Mobile 6!!
  6. I put it in my original post. http://www.modaco.com/content/HTC-Hurrican...ing-in-english/
  7. Ive got an spv c550 and use linux (xbunutu) Is there a way to at least add and retrieve files to my phone. Im not too bothered about installing programs, ive got everything on there that I need. How do I get linux to recognise my phone? Ive googled for ages and get nowhere. Mant Thanks Rik
  8. Kammy, check my first post again. Ive editted it so that it now works properly.
  9. Ive just got homescreen designer to use with my c550. When I upload the theme it is always converted into 176x220. My wallpaper is changed to this resolution and the plugins coords are all different too. Ive tried changing the xml file, setting it to 240x320 but its then impossible to get the plugins where I want them. How can I get homescreen designer to make 240x320 resolution themes for mobile 2003se?
  10. I dont know how I misunderstood your original post. I cant get wmp11 on windows 2000 so I cant try it with my phone, otherwise id have a go.
  11. I didnt even know you could get wmp11 on the c550. Where did you get it?
  12. Nope, I cant get it to work either. It needs to go in \storage\application data\microsoft\media player on the c550.... or at least thats where ive had them work in the past.
  13. Ive got a few games from my old spv e100 which had a 176x220 resolution and although most work on my spv c550 none fill the 240x320 screen. Is the there a way to play them full screen?
  14. Standard gameplay games 27 average 277 high 600 big burst 272
  15. I just converted mine to .wav and put them in the root directory of the sd card. It worked on my e100 too.
  16. Many Thanks for the replies. That looked like a dream come true at first but it didnt work for me, probably because I have a qtek rom on my phone. I'll keep looking for a solution but its no great loss because I doubt ill ever use the video feature anyway.... ill have to remember not to touch the hotkeys when using core player. Great link though! rik
  17. Many Thanks for the quick reply! That certainly did the trick for making the media player button open a media player and not IE! Now I have an idea of what to do i'll get on it.
  18. The c550 has 4 media player hotkeys.... back, play/pause, forward and media player. The thing is my media player button opens IE and the back/forward/play buttons are all associated with WMP. I dont use WMP and want to use the hotkeys with Core Pocket Media Player but when I press play for instance it will automatically jump to WMP. How can I dissociate the media keys from WMP? Ive searched the registry high and low!
  19. Solved.... no worries. I have ended up the the Core Pocket Media Player.
  20. I want to try and use one media player for both music and video and am quite happy with WMP10 mobile. The thing is I cant get it to play video in full screen mode, in that the video fills the entire screen. Ive been converting to 320x240 .3gp and when I click on full screen the video rotates 90* and fills the whole screen then it immediately jumps back to being the normal way round and results in a tiny video in the middle of the screen. Can WMP10 mobile be permanately rotated so I can have a 320x240 video on my 320x240 screen? The phone is an spv c550/ qtek 8200. Many Thanks Or am I best off with a different media player?
  21. Its not possible because although the screen is 262k windows mobile 2003 doesnt support 262k. To get round that it would be far more than a registry tweak!
  22. Im not sure what makes it so that menu appears. I did exactly what I have posted and I still get that menu popup even after I have got rid on the russian registry entries. I had never seen that menu before, it appeared after I made those first two simple registry edits. HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\t9 input method\LDBs. I changed 0419 from T9RussianLDB.dll to T9EnglishLDB.dll and under HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\Input\LDBs I entered a new string named 0419 and entered a value of t9englis.dll I can only suggest to retrace your steps.
  23. After a quick play again you can get rid of the russian option in the list by HKLM\t9 input method\mui\language and remove 0419 from available. I also went through the other registry entries and removed all the 0419 bits and linked the 0409 english errrr number! to the english.dll. 0409 always was english and 0419 was russian. I now have HKLM\input\ldbs 0409 with t9englis.dll string and I deleted the rest. HKLM\t9 input method current ime as 400 current ldb as 0409 default alpha ldb as 0409 HKLM\t9 input method\ime 0400 as \windows\t9aw.dll HKLM\t9 input method\ime order 0409 as 0400 HKLM\t9 input method\ldbs 0409 as T9Englishldb.dll
  24. This post has been editted on 27th Dec '07. It will leave you with an English Qtek rom. Im just consolidating messages I have left in other topics because its nothing short of a bitch to find, install and configure a russian qtek 8200 rom for English use on a t-mobile sdaII or spv c550 for instance. You will need activesync, 8200 Qtek ROM, Regedit, Mobile Registry Editor and SPV Services. I will tell you where to get them all from so dont worry about them right now. To flash the phone you will have to CID unlock the phone. To CID unlock the phone you will have to install cert.cab and use SPV Services. But you will have to application unlock the phone to install cert.cab 1. Application Unlock Download and install ActiveSync https://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/act...nc/default.mspx Make sure its open and has connected to your phone. Download Regedit http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=attach...st&id=18427 Using Explore in ActiveSync copy the regedit file to \storage\windows\startmenu Then on your phone Press start and open regedit which will appear in the list. If it doesnt appear just open a folder in the Start menu and then naviagte back to regedit in the first menu. Navigate to.... HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies and press values. Open 00001001 and change the value data to 1 Do the same for 00001005 but change the value data to 40. 2. CID Unlock Now download SPV Services. Its a simple google. Once you have downloaded and extracted the SPV Services folder copy the cert.cab to your phone, just copy it to \storage. On your phone press Start and then System Management (or Accessories) and open File Manager. Click on storage then change it to list view. You should see cert.cab in the list. Click on it and install it. Once this is done make sure activesync is connected and open SPVServices from within the SPV Services folder you downloaded. Then click on CID Unlock on the left. I cant remember what screens you should see but it was quite straight forward. Once you have CID unlocked your phone you can now install the rom. 3. Installing the ROM I cant post a link to the qtek 8200 russian rom but its is there somewhere! Try searching for..... "HU_BP_RUS_101577_13234_1410_ship" Its on a forum and hosted via ftp. Make sure activesync is connected and your phone is turned on as normal (you dont need to be in the boot screen) Simply double click on the rom you downloaded and follow the instructions. Once the flash is done you will have russian phone! 4. Make your phone English! Press Start, then press 8 (for settings, its the only folder in the first screen of the start menu... just in case its not 8!), then press 0 and then 5 (Regional Settings) Change the top menu to UK English and reboot the phone. I then went back to Regional Settings and set the locale to UK too. Reboot the phone again. It should now be in English. 5. Make the Text Input English. The text fields (ie. anywhere you enter text) will still use Russian characters. Download and install this program.... MobileRegistryEditor http://www.breaksoft.com/Blog/Utilities/20...try_Editor.aspx It allows to to edit your phones registry from your pc. Open the Mobile Registry Editor program and make these changes. You are best off deleting the other registry entries. These are the only ones you need. HKLM\input\ldbs 0409 with t9englis.dll string and I deleted the rest. HKLM\t9 input method current ime as 400 current ldb as 0409 default alpha ldb as 0409 HKLM\t9 input method\ime 0400 as \windows\t9aw.dll HKLM\t9 input method\ime order 0409 as 0400 HKLM\t9 input method\ldbs 0409 as T9Englishldb.dll I dont know if you need to do something different if you want to use US English language and locale. That should now leave you with a 100% English Qtek rom.
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