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  1. Sony W950i or SPV3100M or Sony 990i Need help Which of the following Models to go fo, I like music, love surfing on the web.....taking pictures is fine but not important................. I really want a good phone want does the Business and lots of toys the more the better.... Thanks for your help guys
  2. borg1

    Nokia 6680 or SPV C550

    Thanks Phil for the info I will check it out the Nokia is 6680 is on sale at the Orange(those who have them) for 89.99 and the Spv c550 is only 69.99 with a 512 card as well.... I will check them both out.... Thanks guys :) :D :( :)
  3. Hi Guys I need some help I thinking of getting A Nokia 6680 or the SPV C550 on orange pay as you go, but need to find out the pros and Cons, Can you guys please help me to pick a winnner this is just for a spare handset for me... Plus why can't anybody unlock the Nokia 6680 :) :P :D Thanks for you help guys
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