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  1. I've seen several people saying that for example PocketSNES will not load a rom. I ran into the same thing.. and assumed it was PocketSNES's fault. I stumbled upon the answer when PicoDrive wouldn't load the first (and only) save state I had created. It's simple: notice that when tgetfile's file dialog first pops up, there is a rectangle around the 1st item, but it's not 'selected' let's say you want to 'select' the 1st item in the list. you have to press down, which makes the 2nd item 'selected' then up which makes the 1st item 'selected' if only 1 item is in the list, this is impossible! you can't select anything. so make sure there's at least 2.
  2. if Orientation is set to 90, Video Size is ignored (acts as if set to 100% no matter what) if Orientation is set to 270, changing Video Size from 100% either produces a black screen or a clipped one. using HTC Star Trek / WM5 SP
  3. i'm running WM5 smartphone.. i've got tgetfile setup.. it works with pocketnester for sm_rtsnes_eng_.exe i get to the tgetfile screen, click Super Mario World, and nothing happens

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