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  1. Thanks, a lot, Sam. I appreciate your input. What kind of adapter do you use? Do you use the adapter just for listening to music or do you have a headset with a microphone? I think the main reason I bought this phone besides time management and organization is for playing music. Now I don't need a PDA, iPod and cell phone in my pocket. I've got it all. Thanks again for your feedback. Cheers, Matthew
  2. Okay, I just want to be a pain and reiterate. If I buy this adapter, it will bypass the microphone option on the 2.5mm jack and allow me to use my regular 3.5mm stereo headphones with no microphone so I can use my phone as a personal MP3 player. If I want to take a call, I need to unplug it and talk to the person on the phone? THAT IS WHAT I WANT. Also, I've tried local Cingular and Radio Shack stores and they seem to have no idea what I am talking about - how nice is that? Don't have any Maplin stores around here. Thanks again for everyone's help. Cheers, Matthew
  3. Hey everyone, First off - I have the Cingular 2125, which is the same thing as an HTC Faraday - correct? Which is very similar SP3i - correct? Anyways, I have been looking all over for a decent priced adapter so I can use regular stereo headphones to listen to music on my Cingular 2125. WILL THIS ADAPTER FOR A SP3i WORK WITH MY CINGULAR 2125? I'd appreciate any help anyone will give me. Cheers, Matthew
  4. After posting this, I came across some other threads on the forums here and I guess I should have done some more research before I made my purchase. Luckily I got a deal on it, so I'm not going to worry about it. Has anyone found an adapter out there that DOES work properly yet? There seemed to still be some confusion in the one post I found regarding this issue. I'd appreciate some guidance in finding the right adapter. Cheers, Matthew
  5. Hey everyone, After I bought my Cingular 2125 (HTC 2125/Torndao/Faraday) I was on a mission to find a quality 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter so I could use my phone as a personal music player as well. After some searching I read in a few places that this Motorola Adapter was one of the best out there and that it's got the 4 pins for ground, left, right, and the microphone if I wanted to use a headset. Once I received my adapter in the mail, I went to go use it and if I push my 3.5mm headphone jack all the way into the adapter - I only get mono sound out of the right ear speaker. But if I unplug it about halfway, I get perfect stereo and it sounds great. Why does this happen? Is it because of the 4 pins and the fact that I am just using regular music headphones and not a headset with a microphone? There's only the standard ground, left and right pins on my headphones. Is it the way that the 3.5mm female jack is set up and because I am not using a headset with a microphone pin? It wouldn't be a problem if the 3.5mm jack would stay in place, but I wouldn't be able to put it into my pocket, let alone even touch it without the sound cutting out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Matthew
  6. Hey guys, I just recently got my Cingular 2125 and am still learning the ropes. I downloaded a neat little executable that lets me calculate gas milage and such. I transferred the file over to my phone using ActiveSync and can access it used the file manager. I was hoping I could use Facade to put it up in my launcher so I can get quick access to it, but I can seem to find it in the list of buttons I can put up there when I go into Facade settings and such. If anyone can help me figure out a way to get easy access to this .exe file without running through the File Manager, I'd greatly appreciate it. Cheers, Matthew
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if it's possible to get my Cingular 2125 to automatically start out with capital letters when I write a text message or something. Also, after I put a period and start a new sentence, is there anyway to make the phone recognize this and go to caps for the first letter of the next word. My Motorola phone did this and was real nice since it's a pet peeve of mine to use proper grammar, plus it just looks better. It's annoying having to press the star button everytime I want caps. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Matthew
  8. No one has any information that could help me out with this? I just wanna know if I should expect extra charges if my homescreen has the weather on it. And if so, an estimate of charges would be helpful.
  9. To be perfectly honest, I haven't really paid much attention to the different data plans that they do have, but I do remember that they start off at around $5-$10 extra a month. I can't really see myself surfing the internet on my phone, even with EDGE and all that other stuff, they still aren't ALL THAT fast and I never need to access some sight while I'm away from a computer that can't wait until I am at a computer. Also, I do not have a job that requires me to receive/respond to e-mail when I am out of the office or anything, so that's pretty moot. All I really do is text message (which I have a package) and call people - after all it is a phone. The only reason I decided to purchase this phone is so I can have entertainment, time management and the ability to call people in my pocket all in one device. Furthermore, Snooginsguy, I just wanted to make sure I understood you right...the weather will only update when I plug the phone into my PC? It doesn't update on a regular basis using internet over the phone? I just don't want to be hit with some $10 dollar surcharge on my phone for data use because the weather is being updated every hour or so.
  10. Hey everyone, I just recently bought a Cingular 2125 and was excited to find some forums dedicated to Smartphones and can't wait to set up my phone so I can get the most out of it. I was looking through sites and came across some Homescreens that display the weather forecast. I was just wondering how those homescreens programmed the weather to show up. Do they just have some script that takes the info off of some weather website like weather.com? My main question is, I just have a pretty basic cell phone service plan, I don't really use e-mail that much or care to use my cell phone to browse the internet or anything. I got the phone to listen to music, as a agenda/schedule/calendar, and to make calls. So I do not have any data plan or anything like that. If I installed one of these homescreens, how often does it update the weather and what kind of charges should I expect from Cingular? I'm guessing they will charge me for every kilobye of information sent and stuff, correct? If it's only going to be a few cents or a dollar or two a month, I could deal with it...but if it's going to be pretty expensive, I can deal without the cool feature. Sorry for the lengthy post. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Matthew
  11. I just recently bought a HTC 2125 for the Cingular network. I figured I would go ahead and buy a miniSD card for it before I received it in the mail and decided to go with a Kingston 2 GB, cause it was the best deal. I didn't feel like spending $70 on a SanDisk one when I just spent $150 on the phone. I saw somewhere that the 2125 has problems reading Kingston SD cards...is this true?
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