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  1. Sarthi a few questions i like my rom, how make to gain your root en original firmware 2.3.5? custom recovery not work?, i try a few and not work. i like make a nand backup before reflash at last......... if falsh your room in my V9C , the base band (3g and 2g) is equal for all? wifi issue still present after flashing? regards. Ariel
  2. not work with ZTE V9C rom 2.3.5, no recovery menu
  3. Hi, how install clockwork recovery before install your rom?, anyone help me?. your ROM change te baseband of GSM or 3G frequencies? regards. Ariel
  4. anyone have clockwork recovery for zte v9c tab android 2.3.5????. i try with others recoverys and nothing work! regards
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