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  1. Had this in the background for 2 hours, was wondering what the sudden binging was.
  2. Oh and if you run Google Drive you get 50 gig of storage for 2 years. Nice.
  3. Picked up my Tesco 16gig model this morning and it was briefly locked to Tesco network. Used http://www.unlockunit.com/ to unlock for $14 and they actually have an offer to get 50% back if you are willing to record unlocking, quite reasonable. Currently on Giffgaff although will get some strange Danish network on it later when my girlfriend gets her hands on it. Comes with a black cover and purple in the box. System version is 14.71.8.falcon_umts.TescoSL.en.bb which I don't like, but there is no branding otherwise, look forward to seeing if I can get it 100% generic tho. Quite a few app updates out the box, its pre kit cat so does still have messaging and hangouts Does have quick office, motorola assist (which seems to help with doing automated features like being quiet during meetings) and migrate to get sms on there etc. Still playing.
  4. The HTC Mini One The HTC One Junior / Lite The HTC Three Quarters Ok, done.
  5. How does the whole dev off thing work anyway? Does your device get listed as some sort of blacklist the moment you enter the code on teh website, or do they purely go by your device saying UNLOCKED or RELOCKED when they look at your device? Surely if you get the code but never use it your warranty would be intact. If it is not the case, wapparently yo ucan make that message say whatever you like if you S-Off so why would you need to worry about temp root? May as well root it proper!
  6. It didn't want to work on my Vodafone HD2, but I used Goldcard from xda (aka a bit of messing about) and got it on, at a glance: OS 5.2.21864 (21864.5.0.81) Manilla 2.5.19202525.0 ROM 1.43.405.1 (70124) ROM date 10/26/09 Radio version Protocol After: OS 5.2.21869 (21869.5.0.82) Manilla 2.5.19211619.0 ROM 1.48.405.2 (7294) WWE ROM date 11/18/09 Radio version Protocal
  7. Released the day I got my HD2, just doing a few bits and will then be flashing :D
  8. I did see an announcement about someone abusing a hole in vbseo but they said they had it fixed within 2 hours, so maybe it is some fall out from that :D
  9. I am suprised it doesn't come with a memory card as my HD did, but I guess I can just transfer that and they are cheap as chips these days.
  10. Also stuck in the same queue. However, about a month ago I changed my contract to the cheapest one going in a Vodafone store, so I am on £15 a month, I asked they do this while making sure it wasn't extending my contract as I said I was waiting for a worthy phone to upgrade to. So yes, I am also on a 24 month contract but at only $15 a month with a free upgrade to a HD2 winging its way to me. Working that out £15 x 25 months is £360 over the two years, bit of a steal I think.
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