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  1. Topic Locked for abuse of the "/you" command.
  2. gsr264, that shouldnt be correct, the display is still 176 x 220 so should look pretty much the same (just slightly smaller image cos of the 2inch diagional size). Also the screen is now 262k colours, so it 'should' be sharper.
  3. errr, if you cant edit the profile just selct it in the profiles menu then Menu>Reset to Default and you will be able to edit it again.
  4. although, it still has a start button with applications inside, and still has windows media player, c500 also has a file explorer and task manager, so these things are kinda similar, and of course it syncs data across from pc to phone seamlessly with no buttons needed to sync etc., hell, you browse the phone on the pc to copy files across ^_^
  5. confucious, i have the silver c500 and in no way does it look/feel cheap and tacky, in the flesh the silver C500 is MUCH better than the black one in my opinion as for joysticks failing, the SP3i hasnt been released yet, and the joystick was just fine on the E100
  6. encece, err, yeh, thats the one (see, told you i didnt like the game, cant even remember the proper name for it hehe)
  7. i'm guessing its a myth type game actually, unfortunately myth was all presentation zero game, lets hope this is a lot better (or a completely differnt game type)
  8. err, regarding the font thing, that may be because the screenshot was taken from an emulator version (most likely cos the battery symbol has an x on it)?or perhaps internal dev at MS (who knows, they may be experimenting with different fonts)? or perhaps its only a mockup? who knows, but the media player itself cannot change the text on the buttons as thats part of the main OS, which means, maybe they changed the font in AKU 2 (unlikely I would have thought)
  9. 1, The warning messages will still appear, thats quite normal to make sure it asks before running any potentially dangerouis programs such as virii 2, I think thats normal, its done that on other Smartphones aswell 3, Yup, PHM Regedit needs a much needed update me thinks, there was a few similar bugs on the E200 4, not sure, dont think so 5, you said it, only byreplacing the phone, although hopefully all games developers will allow for key define to help resolve any potential gaming issues. hope that helps ^_^
  10. and why cant it be hardware? theres a small switch that tells the phone that the headset is plugged in, the os then sets the profile to headset and then mutes the speaker. If this little switch isnt working correctly then the os never gets told its in headset mode. If it is software you are the only one with the issue, and it should be resolved with a hard reset. But i really do think this is a hardware issue as something similar was present on the original C500 where the switch would get stuck in meaning the os always thought the headset was plugged in even when it wasnt.
  11. indeed, why blame MoDaCo shop for Oranges mistakes? Littlewoods have probably just got some stock left cos they werent selling from there. £80 extra for the developers phone isnt a rip off, cos they are intended for developers not the general public and thats the price Orange charge, MoDaCo shop do not set the prices, Orange do. Nookie, I explained all this to you on IRC yesterday (at least I think it was you), and you wouldnt listen then either.
  12. what? so doom, quake, ROTT, Duke Nukem, Rick Dangerous, Wolfenstein 3d, boxy pocket, several tetris clones, Dopewars, all the emulators you can eat and many more, so i wouldnt say theres a shortage of good free games at all ^_^
  13. thats cos the mpx200 update was sp2k2 to wm2k3 update, something they didnt update the SPV/E100 to either, you cant blame moto for that. You could say the same about HTC, they didnt release a WM2K3 update for the E100 cos they wanted to sell the E200 yet you dont hear them being called greedy bastards for the same thing. Some people would argue the MPx200 never got an update cos it was pretty much perfect as it was and so didnt require one. The MPx220 however seems to have some pretty large bugs and so I would think will need an update or two to fix.
  14. err, can someone check this.... turn all your volumes up to full (both the side volume and all the volumes in the profiles) then check on regedit for this value... HKCU/ControlPanel/Volume (Values) Volume is 4294967295 (thats max volume on the C500, just wondering if the max vol on the MPx220 is the same ^_^)
  15. errr, you need to REMOVE the background image from homescreens to get it working, not add it (which is what i thought i said earlier? oh well) ^_^ remove the background image from all homescreens and then you can select a background in settings including ones from the SD card
  16. all that shouldnt matter, by default, music shouldnt play out of the speaker if headset plugged in
  17. i'd actually suggest you hard reset, that isnt correct is the phone profile automatically going to 'headset' when you plug in the headphones? The phone should be muted completely when plugging in the headphones.... except... when the phone is ringing for an incoming call (which is nice if you have accidentally left the headphones plugged in while phone on your desk)
  18. they are both made by different manufacturers though, Chi Mei for the MPx220 and Compal for the MPx
  19. whats the betting the backlight stil comes on when it switches tracks, it has no equaliser, has no fast forward and still doesnt allow you to create playlists on the device. Which means, people will just use an alternative as usual ^_^
  20. only way is to get someone to make an app to do it i'm afraid, should be relatively simple i would have thought
  21. err, i am aware of it, just wasnt aware of it in May this year (hence the reason i edited my first post) ^_^ oh, and the c500 doesnt have a screensaver mode, just so everyone knows
  22. hmmm, it does indeed appear to be that if you have a default background image in the xml, and then you change that in settings, and your image is on the mini SD then, when you reboot it doesnt display the image, which is indeed a bug. Remove the default image from the xml and then it appears to pick up the image from the miniSD correctly.
  23. have you taken into consideration all the other stuff that goes on while transferring a file? not only does it need to transfer it needs to write somewhere, and that will slow the process down slightly, there are various factors why actual transfer speeds are never met. Ok, it doesnt explain why its actually 'that' slow, but it would account for some loss in speed. Even closing down apps on the phone speeds up the data transfer ^_^ But either way, i'm quite happy with the transfer speed to be honest, never really bothered me on the original SPV, and certainly doesnt bother me now its much quicker.
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