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  1. the n1 isnt a pda, its a phone with some pda functionality like ms smartphone, and is smaller than both
  2. ugly????? you are joking right? and the OS is just a shell over CE.NET 4.2, to be honest, lots of PPC apps run, just the wrong screen res (and lots of PPC games work very well on it actually :lol:)
  3. i have one, and trust me, it kicks butt, i rarely use my C500 anymore. Oh, and the media player has on device playlist creation/editing, track seeking, and the headphones are much improved also, its a cracking mp3/wma player (normal SD aswell so larger capacity and lower pirce) :lol: There is also lots of updates, if someone finds a bug and reports it you only usually have to wait a week for a fix, their support is superb.
  4. mutiplayer doom for smartphones? i doubt that somehow :lol:
  5. err, yes, i expect credit, especially when he's copying and pasting my text
  6. just in case no-one has seen my site .... Midnight SP! and click on Tweaks :lol: like i said, a bit old now, and no time to update it, but theres a few more tweaks there.
  7. £300?????? its cheaper to buy a PAYG and something is weird here, i knelt on my original SPV (ok it was a couple of years ago now) and i didnt have Orange care, so had to get emergency care, and that was £30 + £5 a month for 12 months (basically that means its then insured for 12 months and any more losses/damages etc are then just replaced)
  8. drblow, you kind of hit the nail on the head. For a plugin to work well it needs homescreens to be designed for it. however, as a homescreen designer, why would i use a plugin that costs money, that people may or may not buy, meaning my homescreen is only released to a few people. If i design a homescreen i expect it to be released to everyone, for free. The exception to this (at first) was the RjHTML plugin homescreen, which is why i suggested a free version of the plugin that encrypts the urls so no-one else can use that plugin correctly. But in general it isnt possible to put such restrictions on a plugin and still make it fully functional. And this is why i will never use plugins other than free ones (and even then its rare, i prefer my homescreens to just work straight away without plugins, but i see i'm losing the battle with that if i want to 'keep up with the Jones's')
  9. chris, i think the point is that the imate PDA2K is a phone aswell as a PPC, but agreed, depends on what you need most, if you want a take anywhere phone that you are not scared of breaking, something you can take to pubs/clubs without fear then the C500 is a nice thing to keep hold of (small and light), but, it does mean you carry around 2 devices if you need ppc functionality my solution... Keep all 3, sell wife on ebay :lol:
  10. errr, dont mean to be picky (well i do actually), but whats the point of a screen saver? all it will do is kill your battery life in less than half the time.
  11. err, the i645 is the same as the i640 except it has a camera and mms capability
  12. and the Voq is a good thing because......... ?????? :D all i'm saying is, the ppc os is more geared towards full text input (it has office apps for a start, something ms smartphone does not have. And if you widen the device to fit in a qwerty keyboard then you may aswell add a bigger display, add a bigger display and you may aswell add the PPC OS. Also stated in the Engadget text is it will run some flavour of Windows Mobile, which could mean Smartphone or PPC. Now the C500 is out do you really think the majority of people will buy a LARGE MS Smartphone again? I doubt it somehow. and McHale, you want something with an MS Smartphone-like OS, Bigger Screen, Wifi and Qwerty Keyboard? sounds like you want a ppc to me, either MPx or Orange M2000 :lol:
  13. this sounded good until they said 'QWERTY keyboard' sorry, but i dont want a keyboard (which makes devices bigger) on my smartphone, or, PPC for that matter, look at the JAM :lol: Reading this it does sound like it will be a PPC device though, not Smartphone.
  14. errr, and you do realise my site has loads of tweaks, and click on the word ' tweaks ' will take you to MoDaCo's tweaks section, they may not be up to date but theres stacks more tweaks there than on your site. (don't mean to brag but most tweaks you see i found :lol:) The reason I stopped adding to my site was because MoDaCo already provides all this info and i'd rather go to just one site that look through lots of sites to get what i want(MoDaCo 2 is going to expand on this idea considerably) oh, and because of CustomCabbage (http://www.customcabbage.co.uk) of course :D
  15. http://mobile.softpedia.com/phonePictures/94 never released outside of china i believe (thank god)
  16. indeed, well, kind of, 240 x 320 is one of the new sizes for Smartphone, but MS have stated that MS Smartphone WILL NEVER (i hate that) get touchscreen. Mind you, it states Handwriting recognition, that dioesnt mean it must include a touchscreen, anyone remember the nokia with a touchpad???? edit: i was correct, its a touch panel not touchscreen, and it is definitely ms smatrphone 2003, sounds pretty cool to me :lol:
  17. 5 episodes i beleive the ppc version is the full version for $25 so makes sense, and even the ppc version was critisised for being too short (and thats 5 times longer than each smartphone episode), but thats the problem with Myst style games, all gfx, not much gameplay and zero replay factor.
  18. what i think we need is not only to have free plugins, but i think the developers of these plugins should start releasing their source. Its a well known fact that homescreen plugins are notoriously difficult to create, so the more sources out there the more plugins/modifications of plugins we'll see.
  19. correct, theres cheating, and theres killing off the game, this is why we didnt have an invulnerability cheat, if you want to see all the levels/level bosses etc you are still gonna have to play it :lol:
  20. oh, by the way, if you cheat you dont get a high score :lol: cant make it too easy now can we :D
  21. errr, in the profiles menu, highlight the one you wanna fix then menu>reset to default the other way is simply delete the custom profiles from the phone and as i've said several times before, if you dont know what you are doing then dont mess wiht it :lol:
  22. Right then, Mark is correct, the version number changes when the cheat is activated, so, the only place you can see the version number is while loading, meaning you must press a button while the game is loading (if you left it until it loaded then its too late), and the time to press it is as soon as the version number appears :lol: (i know ive made it too easy now, but hidden in the above sentence are the keys you press :D) Oh, and obviously the level skip cheat works by pressing a certain button while playing a level that will then skip you to the next level.
  23. trust me, leaving the phone on charge overnight is no different to charging it until 100% then removing from charge. i leave mine charging all day long (i develop for the smartphone so its easier for me to leave it plugged in) but when i take it off charge it lasts exactly the same as if i only charged for an hour or two. the only thing i will say is..... dont let the phone discharge fully on regular occasions as this can damage the battery. Oh, and for those with bad battery life, have you tried the old hard reset with the phone on full charge?
  24. except for the fact many games still require diagoinals, and many also need you to play using two action buttons (switching between * and the two softkeys will be a complete hassle)
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