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  1. well, i havent tried the battery life and the camera yet :lol:
  2. i was pleasantly surprised by the 220 actually, felt great in the hand, dunno if it would replace my C500, but much better than i thought it was. The thing is, i played with the JAM before the MPx(300) and the MPx was a big disappointment to me, i still dont get the point of the keyboard (those buttons feel much too small to me), and the imate JAM is a stunning bit of kit (our PPC version of Eclipse looked amazing on the JAM, but, grrrrrrr, 4 way :D) If i was Orange, i'd get hold of the JAM asap, its gonna be huge. So, kinda strange really, i went to the meet not expecting much from the 220 and find out its actually very nice, and i wanted to look at the MPx expecting great things only to be disappointed, ah well :lol:
  3. agreed, and either that phone is huge or it has an mpx220 style small display anyhoo, what happened to the SGH-i250, that was pretty cool looking ms smartphone, rotating 1.3mp camera aswell
  4. ah right, sorry, misread, i thought you meant that gaming phone concept looked like a tamagotchi, my bad :lol:
  5. but if you make a windows mobile gaming device why does it need to look business-like? surely you want to attract a whole differnt type of people (and i really dont see a tamagotchi-look in that SE gaming phone concept at all to be honest)
  6. heheh, are you sure i drank the most? someone must have beaten me on that, paul maybe????? :lol:
  7. how many threads do you need? :lol: topic locked continue at http://www.modaco.com/viewtopic.php?t=116995
  8. and the C500 isnt a decent Smartphone? the early reports ive heard is that the 650 is nice, but it isnt the huge leap above the 600 that people thought it was gonna be.
  9. i'll already be there, i'm getting into Birmingham about 10:30am, no choice ^_^
  10. well, ive been reliably told that emulation is approximately 20 clock sycles for every 1 emulated clock cycle, so, with 200mhz the best you can hope to emulate is 20mhz machines.
  11. the C500 is easily more powerfull than the NGage ^_^
  12. oy, i have the patent on MoDaCo homescreens hehehe just kiddin ^_^
  13. errr, theres a few of us staying at that hotel (all the mods for example), and there should be plenty of rooms left (dont forget to quote Will's reference ('Will Fletcher') to Julie to get the discount ^_^) as for a place to stash your bag, errr, i dunno, but i hope there is somewhere, can always ask i suppose
  14. wow, calm down everyone, forum corruption? where? i think everyone just needs to take a chill pill post edited, caps removed and now for the answer, yes, there are plenty of good new games out, check this Games section of the forum, and also look at sites such as Handango, Clickgamer and Smartphone.net (and for a blatant plug, check out our game at http://www.alieninvention.com)
  15. why wouldnt it work with the c500 already? it syncs with WMP10 no probs
  16. i'm going from manchester by coach, costs 20 quid :D national express is cheap ^_^
  17. that kinda looks lik the rjhtml plugin hasnt installed correctly, try installing just the plugin again and reboorting and see if that helps.
  18. errrr, no idea to be honest, should work ok on the C500 (oh, and dont you love it when someone has visited the site once, never posted and rates your homescreen a '1'???? ^_^ cmon lemme see you do better then :D)
  19. man, may aswell just go over and talk to the person, amazing how phones (which are supposed to be used for talking to people) are killing the art of conversation. This is like using MSN to talk to someone in the same room as you. I really feel sorry for those to ever have been dumped by text message.
  20. in that case, us skinners should just add that reg key depending on our skins some with the logo, some without, whichever looks best ^_^
  21. the thing is, Smartphone and PPC aint just different OS's, the hardware requirements are completely different, so, I know i may sound like a killjoy, but i'll believe these are MS Smartphone when i see em, until then i still rekon they are just PPC's, and if anything just prototypes (the specs for each being identical? whats the point of that?) ^_^
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