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  1. you can do exactly the same with a hard reset (which is what this effectively does when you upgrade the rom)
  2. well, next game we are dropping anything less than the c500 we wanna use all 200mhz ^_^ different versions is a bit of a pain to be honest, cos you are always gonna design to the lowest common denominator (132mhz in this case) thus restricting the design, better to just drop old hardware.
  3. playability is MUCH more important. not one single XBOX racing game has matched gran turismo yet ^_^
  4. errrrr, whuile i would agree its a waste of time, i definitely wouldnt say playstation games are cr*p Ridge Racer Tekken Wipeout The new breed of Final Fantasy games Gran Turismo Ace Combat Tenchu Syphon Filter Crash Bandicoot (warped) Parappa the Rapper Silent Hill Tony Hawk Resident Evil Metal Gear Solid and a hell of a lot more ^_^
  5. Skyforce is a nice game, cant compare the two really, cos as you said, very different (Skyforce is like Raptor, Eclipse is like R-type), technically its impressive, and I would think, like Eclipse its no-where near pushing the limits of what the C500 is capable of (but again, restricted by the dumb joystick on the C500). Eclipse for example, is restricted to 15fps (so that it plays on ALL MS Smartphones), but could actually run at around 40-50fps on the C500, so if it was remade to C500 spec then we could go effects mad, add more parallax, have nice glowing alphas, particle effects etc.. The same i should think could be said about Skyforce. But thats the problem with technology, they always move the goalpost, so games we design and make now wont be using the power of the next gen of phones (Eclipse is over 6 months old dont forget, almost a year if you include development time).
  6. Errr, Kumite is definitely on hold, the C500 hardware aint up to it i'm afraid ^_^ and C500 is easily the biggest seller, so foolish to release it just for the other phones, that would just be a waste of time/money
  7. err, have you even played it???? cos you'd know it wasnt called Alien Invention if you had. Now i aint saying Raptor is a bad game, but its hardly suited to the Smartphone. The res is all wrong, the graphics would need tweaking heavily, all the keys would need changing so it works with 4 way and no fire button. What you know and love as Raptor wouldnt be Raptor any more. And i'll repeat...... Horizontal scrollers are different to Vertical shooters, and in my opinion Battle Squadron on the Amiga is MUCH better than Raptor.
  8. when we talk about games for ms smartphone we dont usually mean java games, hence there being only 1 proper soccer game for the ms smartphone.
  9. and in the words of Monolithix... 'Topic Locked'
  10. in the US they are, not in europe, football (soccer) games sell way more in Europe, and theres only 1 of those on the Smartphone (and as far as i'm aware, even that hasnt sold all that well)
  11. no need to change the images to 256 colour, its the TFT display itself rather than the no. of colours. TFT screens generally change have different brightness, saturation and contrast to PC Monitors, its mainly due to the way TFT's are lit. As said, its trial and error, took me ages to get the correctBlue colour on Reload 2: Ice
  12. dunno whats wrong with your c500, however...... some things dont work on the C500, especially some of the registry tweaks, but personally, mine doesnt crash unless 'I' do something wrong. (and you know me, i'm always messing with the phone)
  13. once Orange release a phone that will do 8-way ^_^
  14. must admit, i cant see a hockey game selling all that well, same goes for American Football to be honest. For the moment at least, that may change when/if the USA market for MS Smartphones really takes off.
  15. pocket pc phone edition (and most likely will never surface) i'm afraid. Its one of the Europhone mobiles (remember the EG4000 announced 6 months ago that no-one has seen since?)
  16. wow, those things are huge, not very windows mobile-y either unfortunately hehe ^_^
  17. heh, they have litterally killed off any diagonals in games now i'm afraid, which is a royal pain in the butt cos we remade lots of Eclipse and part of that was making it more playable on the C500, cheers Orange :roll: Luckily it still plays well on 4 way (another thing we made sure of with this new version)
  18. Only Metalion 1 works as far as i'm aware, and you could always just try our game (Eclipse) ^_^
  19. err, this was made to showcase the RjHTML plugin, so no other plugins where added. The World Time should just work no matter which country you are in. As for changing to your own countries, you could midify the html, but I wont be doing that for people otherwise i'd get thousands of requests and i'm busy doing games stuff at the moment ^_^
  20. yeh, thats fine, you havent changed the design thats the main thing ^_^
  21. the first is a linux smartphone, the other three are listed as PocketPC Phone Edition, even though the last one on the page clearly shows MS Smartphone OS, and thwen contradicts this by having a stylus next to it. Ho Hum, I still think these wont make it to market, just like the EG4000 made (errr, or not) by the same company. If you look at the specs they are identical size, weight etc. so even the info they provide isnt correct. (and 120g for a PPC with TV tuner and Wifi?????? i doubt it somehow), so the info is accurate????? Not a sniff.
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