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  1. Basically, just create a developer account at one or more of these shops.... http://www.handango.com http://www.smartphone.net http://www.clickgamer.com (and if the game is good enough, MoDaCo shop may be interested ^_^) Now, All these shops WILL take a percentage, Handango is the most, starting at them taking 40% of the profit, the others are around 30%. However, we personally get many more sales through Handango, so to us, its worth it. As for pricepoint, just be realistic really (you cant charge $10 for a pacman clone when there are free ones available, unless you do something very special to it), and be aware that most online shops deal in dollars, which isnt very strong at the moment. If your game is similar to other types of game then see what the competition charge for their games. Lastly, try and get as much exposure for your game as possible, give some free copies away to magazines/smartphone websites so that they can review the game, helps if you have confidence in your game to do this. And try and get the game on as many smartphone news websites as possible.
  2. i think its cos everyone knows msmobiles hates me, so it's just his way of putting a dampner on our victory ...... but it wont work - we won, we won, bwahahaa, in your face Snails o/. (hehe, just kidding, Snails is rather nice aswell :D) seriously though, thanks to everyone on the forum, its your guys feedback that made Eclipse the game it is today ^_^
  3. cheers guys, i'd just like to thank my mum who gave birth to me so i was born at a very early age, my pet cat for helping me strip my wallpaper (even though i didnt want it stripping), my agent who said 'dont make speeches cos yer cr*p at it', to all the moderators who tested the game (any of you guys actually completed it yet?) and of course to the public for which this award would not have been otherwise possible, and bought it so we get rich (errr, well, enough so we could afford more pie and tins of beans). Oh yeh, and congrats to Spacemonkey, you should have won it last year aswell m8 ^_^
  4. Picodrive was never nominated, cant win if it aint nominated, simple as that ^_^ and good as smartexplorer is, i actually do prefer resco, its got many more features.
  5. so, the samsung cannot do no.1 and the SE cannot do no.3????? so, no ordinary phone can do both? cant blame the c500 then can you ^_^ my thoughts..... 1, Delivery Reports, people still use those? ah well, it does have a delivery report at least, some phones cant even do that. I just take it for granted the message is received by the other person (lets face it, how many failed deliveries do you get?) 2, Err, you can store them in Storage, in My Documents, but must be in wav format. 3, I made a tweak ages ago that flashes the led every second instead of every 3 seconds if you recieve an sms/email/mms until you press a key on the keypad. So, even if you dont see your phone for 2 days you'll notice instantly without looking at the screen you have a message. I dont personally like the idea of it reminding you with a tone every X minutes, even more annoying if you leave your phone on your desk for a long time and other people hear it beeping every 10 minutes. I can see that phone going out of the window :D
  6. about time this got back on topic dont you think?
  7. retro does not mean good so, pole position is better than gran turismo? dont think so i know i'm one of the creators of eclipse, but get real, Raptor aint that good and is no way 1000 times better than Eclipse, theres millions of shooters better than Raptor, only reason people liked it was cos it was one of the first on the PC that was even close to an arcade style shoot em up (i had an Amiga,snes and megadrive at the time and there where stacks of shooters better than raptor... Battle Squadron was waaaaay better, as was Hybris). Eclipse is a very different game though, and Eclipse owes more to R-Type and Gradius than it does to Raptor (horizontal shooters are very different to vertical shooters). if you wanna make comparisons, compare to Odyssey or Skyforce.
  8. unfortunatley what you are suggesting would have to be implemented at an OS level, so its up to Microsoft to provide that type of functionality (although, my fembot keypad speech does help a little). The phone really needs to add speech synthesis and 'full' speach recognition to do this, and so its a pretty heavy rewrite, and i doubt its on the list as a priority (if at all). The RNIB sell phones and PDA's to the blind and partially sighted.
  9. have you installed it to the phone or the SD? if i remember correctly theres a prob when installing to SD on the 2k3 MPx200
  10. thats correct, thats how it currently works, and thats what this thread is about ^_^
  11. Effects > Delay Effects, just play around with the different ones, Flanger is nice ^_^ (The main effect for Borg is 'Underwater' Flanger)
  12. indeed, they've now created a new bug, no multipress at all
  13. Heheh, i made sure it could be completed with the rocker before we released it ^_^
  14. ah, the icons, ok, yeh, they can be replaced, errr, we where gonna make an app to do this once, copying from a folder in Storage to Windows on boot (including a App to change the copy from dir), but we're busy getting other stuff ready for the meet at the mo so wont have time to do it just yet.
  15. i dont think you can overwrite the files on the C500 to be honest, they've locked it down tighter than previous phones also, it can use any background files from the Storage/Application Data/Home directory anyway cant it?
  16. no, it is usefull, the idea is you can type in part of someones number and it shows the contacts with that number, so not only does the prediction work for names it works for numbers aswell. If you are in the UK you dont have to start your contacts with +44 by the way.
  17. Pigo, on the flip joint, that isnt a camera, its a joypad ^_^
  18. the c500 was perfectly adequate at playing eclipse with full movement via the keypad until Orange/HTC decided to break it ^_^ (it still is playable, but back to 4 way controls)
  19. hehe, trust me, i searched cos i was just interested when it was, never know it may come up in a pub quiz somewhere (not that ive entered a pub quiz in about 5 yrs) ^_^
  20. there aint many ppc games that work on the smartphone, the only one i know of (and it runs extremely well) is Metallion
  21. err, i wouldnt think any at the moment 262K colours requires more CPU usage, more ram, more disk space etc. and with very little gain gaphically to be honest.
  22. theres quite a few devices using this design now, thats the first ppc to do it though (oh, and its HUGE ^_^)
  23. http://www.vintagecalculators.com/html/sum...lock_anita.html ^_^
  24. lots of reasons to be honest..... Obviously for its gaming potential (i am a game developer afterall, and so better hardware/software=better games) Sony Ericsson are quality, regardless of what OS they use. And well, its windows, so suits us perfectly as 'currently' we only develop for the windows platform. And well, its just a nice design, good placement of the buttons and the joypad, nice big screen, and looks to work as a normal phone real well cos its a standard phone layout (no messing with button positions... you hear me nokia and siemens?)
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